Taste Bar + Kitchen Signs Up for the House Sterling House Left Behind

A new restaurant calling itself Taste Bar + Kitchen now has dibs on the very old, 2-story house on Bagby St. a block north of Elgin that’s been dark (but glowing in its listing photo) since Sterling House closed in it last month. The venture is backed by local chef Don Bowie who’s currently in charge of the kitchen at Flower Child, the good-for-you restaurant that took over BB1 Classic’s spot in Uptown Park last year. (It’s now got another location in the works up in The Woodlands.) On the less healthy side of things, Bowie also had a hand in bringing reality TV star and former Ikette Robbie Montgomery’s St. Louis soul food spot Sweetie Pies to Houston in 2017.

Specific menu items for the new spot at 3015 Bagby haven’t yet been revealed, but on his LinkedIn page Bowie boils it down to “Crafted Cocktails and Food.”

Photos: LoopNet (aerial); Swamplot inbox (close-up)

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  • 12 Parking spaces, and one handicapped space. What a joy!

  • Not even 12 parking spaces, I give it 8 months before its vacant again.

  • “12 Parking spaces, and one handicapped space. What a joy!”
    This is literally in one of the most dense parts of Houston. There are about 8 large apartment complexes within walking distance and hundreds of townhomes. If this place fails, it won’t be because of parking.

  • @Diggity, I agree with you 100%; what I was referring to, but did not make clear, is that people will end up parking in the neighborhood streets, unless the owners secure some parking arrangement somewhere nearby. But living less than a mile from there, the city streets are already maxed out with regards to parking, and to make matters worse, the streets sort of become one way streets because only one vehicle can move at a time.
    I suppose Houston can do what other dense cities do, and that is convert streets to ONE-WAY streets. Either way, it becomes dangerous for fire trucks to get through on some of the streets due to the parking issue.

  • Now that this area is exempt from parking minimums, people need to get used to paying a few dollars to store the 2-ton machine they use to convey their 100 to 200-lb body from place to place.
    @MR, I’d rather we design fire trucks to fit our cities than design cities to fit our fire trucks.