The Art Guys To Start Unraveling

THE ART GUYS TO START UNRAVELING This is the route the Art Guys say they will be taking tomorrow morning when they stage the 5th of the yearlong series of monthly celebratory stunts they’re calling “12 Events:” Titling this one “A Length of String,” Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth will unwind a spool of thread they’ve had sitting around since 1983 while walking along White Oak Bayou between W. Tidwell and T.C. Jester, just north of the Loop, and then they’ll turn around . . . and wind it back up. Last month, you’ll remember, they donned tuxedos and conducted the sounds of the Ship Channel from the Santa Anna Capture Site in Pasadena. [Art Guys; previously on Swamplot] Map: Art Guys

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  • Why?

  • Art? Okay, next week I plan to take out an 8 year old piece of wedding cake, add another layer of frosting to it, then put it back in the freezer for another 8 years. Your mind=blown?

  • I only clicked on the article to read commonsense’s disparaging comment and I’m pretty disappointed.

  • commonsense: While your question was rhetorical, the answer is publicity. The deeper answer might be a need for people to pay attention to them to make up for the lack of attention they receive in normal life.
    But hell, I’m guessing. I admit I don’t really “get” art. This might be some amazing display of creativity that is right over my head.

  • The Art Guys turn gimmicks into art projects, that’s kind of their shtick. They never take themselves seriously, so I’m sure they’re aware of the ridiculousness of the project (which is why they’re doing it) and that makes it interesting.

  • See, the neat thing about any art form is that everyone perceives it differently. If everyone understands it and likes it, there’s probably a problem. Not all art is meant to be understood, not all of it has a message, not all art is art anyway. not all sound is music, but all sound could be considered music, etc etc etc.

  • But if there are no boundaries to what a word like “art” means then does the word really have a meaning? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go enjoy two guys unrolling then rolling string along White Oak Bayou, but art? No.
    By the way, I would like to announce that tomorrow I am going to a taco truck in front of Home Depot on 610 and afterward I will entertain the parking lot with some flatulent “music”. Alert the media.

  • Hey! Look at us! We do stupid ****!

  • Y’all just don’t get it. It’s beautiful.

  • Put a fork in them… they were done ten years ago.

  • @ArtMaster, I’m sure you won’t get the beauty of Advanced Calculus as it applies to calculation of Pi to infinity but at least that has a real use. What’s the difference between an Art Degree and a Pepperoni Pizza? The Pepperoni Pizza will feed a family of four.

  • Is it art if no one care?