Art Guys Working with Ship Channel in Next ‘Event’

ART GUYS WORKING WITH SHIP CHANNEL IN NEXT ‘EVENT’ At the site shown here in Pasadena near the old Paper Mill and Washburn Tunnel, where General Antonio López de Santa Anna is said to have been captured during that historically succinct Battle of San Jacinto, the Art Guys are planning their next performance: They’ve announced they’ll crack out their batons and “conduct the sounds of the Houston Ship Channel.” (Not sure what that could look like? Go see it for yourself.) Jack Massing and Michael Galbreth, the helmsmen of “12 Events,” a yearlong series of monthly head-scratchers that commemorate their 30 years of Houston mischief, have so far in 2013 shrugged off their divorce from the Menil, signed their names for 8 hours at the Julia Ideson Library on National Handwriting Day, and walked all 29.6 miles of Little York Rd., the longest in Houston. Next up, once they’ve conducted the Ship Channel waters? The Art Guys unwind a spool of thread, and then — wait for it — wind it back up again. [The Art Guys; Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: JimmyEv via Waymarking

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  • No one’s going to take them seriously unless they do some facial portraits with genitalia painted on them.

  • Who pays these two guys ? I’ll give them props for self-promotion…

  • They are paid with Commonsense’s tax dollars, I believe.

  • For either deft social commentary or zaniness the Art Guys’ spool-of-thread project is unlikely to trump the Donald Duck comic where Uncle Scrooge and a fellow tycoon count up all their money to see who’s richer, until finally they’re down to unrolling their balls of string – across Africa, for some reason — to see who has saved the most, and when it seems a dead tie, Uncle Scrooge produces from his pocket the tiny bit of string he keeps tied to the first dime he ever made.

  • Wait, how did I get included in a story I didn’t post on … my reputation precedes me, I almost shed a tear of pride.
    I believe they survive on pixie dust and unicorn dreams, but they have to reimburse me for the air they’re wasting.

  • Boring. Their relevance has waned.