Walking Little York with the Art Guys

And the celebratory stunt that the Art Guys pulled this month was walking the entire length of Little York Rd. Moving on, apparently, from their uprooting in early January at the Menil Collection, the shadowy figures Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing completed “The Longest Street in Houston” last Tuesday, walking the 29.6 miles of Little York from Mesa Road to where the concrete ends at Jasmine Crest Lane in Settlers Village.

This is some of what they saw:


“The Longest Street in Houston” was the second of “12 Events” that the Art Guys are doing this year to commemorate their 30 years together. In January, the Art Guys spent 8 hours signing their names on National Handwriting Day at the Julia Ideson Library. Next up? “Cardinal Directions.”

Photos: The Art Guys via Twitter

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  • I followed the link to the rest of the pictures. I don’t know much about horses but the one in the picture looks like it’s being starved. Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

  • It definitely is being starved, a horse is supposed to look like an overstuffed empanada and the hind quarters are supposed to look like fat chicken thighs. You can see the ribs and the dips in muscle tissue. Unfortunately, that’s the state of a lot of horses in that part of town.

  • The most interesting thing about this is definitely commonsense describing livestock in terms of indulgent comfort food.

  • Sole of Houston revisited?

  • Art Guys, I really like you but do something really useful and buy that beautiful starving horse. Or at least call the SPCA and have them take it.

  • Hopey Changey? Johnny Novey? WTF cares? There’s no such thing as an original idea anyway.

  • I guess I was hungry when I wrote that, the pizza guy was running late.

  • What about East Little York? There’s two small sections that they did not walk, one at CE King Parkway and the other from the east belt to Pineland Road. I know they are not contiguous but then they can’t claim they walked the entire length.

  • Oh yes, they diiiidddd.