The Auditorium of the Former Alabama Theater Is Now a Giant Sandbox

If any ghosts of Alabama Theater moviegoers were still intent on haunting the spaces once occupied by their old seats, they’d be buried in sand by now. A Swamplot reader and theater buff shows us the current state of the building’s innards — as seen yesterday from strategic views through the front and rear glass doors. On its way to a new level and Trader Joe’s-worthy surface, the auditorium’s basement and raked floor have been transformed into what now appears to be the city’s largest indoor sandbox. (From the photos, it looks like only a single motorized sand toy gets to play in it, though.)

A new, permanent concrete floor ordered by the owners of the landmarked 1939 Art Deco building, Weingarten Realty, will replace the removable raised-floor system put in place in the early 1980s, when the theater at 2922 S. Shepherd Dr. was transformed into the Alabama Bookstop bookstore.


“At present, it does not appear that any damage has been done to the walls or the mural above the rear exit door to the auditorium,” reports the photographer. Here’s a longer version of the same view, taken from the front door and looking through the theater lobby:

And looking back into the auditorium space, from the back door:

Photos: Swamplot inbox (interior); Jim Parsons/GHPA (exterior)

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