The Best Repainting Job in the City

THE BEST REPAINTING JOB IN THE CITY Iterative Obama muralist Reginald Adams relays his account of the 3 separate murals he designed for the West Alabama St. wall of a Travis St. building for Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis — and his responses to the 4 separate paint adjustments made to it by successive vandals: “It triggers some things I was raised around — if someone knocks you down you get back up. Now other people are invested so I feel obligated not to let someone’s ignorance deter my work. I’ve got a lot of paint and a lot of life ahead of me and I think I can outlast the vandal. As crazy as this has all been it hasn’t hurt my brand as an artist. I’ve gotten more PR out of this work than from 150 projects I’ve done. If the vandal wants to keep playing, I’m in it until the end. . . . the vandalism is creating new opportunities for me to think about the imagery, to engage the public in new ways, create new conversations, and to meet new amazing people. The GE corporation wants me for a new mural because they saw the Obama story. The vandal is not thinking it — but he’s enriching my art career.” [Glasstire; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • With level of PR that came out of this, I would wager that the second and third incidents were self inflicted to keep up the PR of the first incident.

  • Cool shrine!

  • As leaders in war profiteering and media deceiving, GE is always on the lookout for willing/unaware propagandists. This man’s career could be on fire soon.

  • an infrared game camera would save a lot of paint.

  • “It triggers some things I was raised around — if someone knocks you down you get back up…”

    He was raised around Chumbawamba?

  • kjb434: Of course you would.

  • @kjb and Jon,
    This wouldn’t be the first time vandalism like this turned out to be faked – I’d even say it’s not a rare occurrence. Time will tell, and if this guy is a fraud, I think we’ll find out soon.

  • Walt: hahah you made my day.

  • Unless he was his own vandal–and I’m not gonna go there–I sincerely doubt that the vandal is or was concerned with the artist’s career.

    So it goes with most artists; they think it’s all about them. Nope. It’s about their message in the context of a discordant society. The dynamism of their message (possibly unintentional) is far more interesting than the artist is as a person.

  • Very nice Walt.

  • So doing doing paint by numbers with an overhead projector makes you an artist. I say the guys that went Pollock on it had more art training..

  • there are two cameras on this mural. I dont see how someone threw paint on it and it wasnt caught on the tape.

  • It is deplorable that someone would vandalize another’s free speech.

    What they should do instead is erect a competing mural showing Obama burying that baby girl in debt while her dad is laid off as his company tries to get under the 50 employee threshhold that would force ObamaCare to apply to it and as her mother’s part-time hours get reduced to below 30 hours so they don’t have to offer her health care, either.

    And with his ever-hostile attitude towards the oil and gas industry, just buying gas to get to an interview could soon be challenging.

    Oh, and when she gets older, the higher minimum wage laws will make it more difficult for her to find part-time employment to try to save/put herself through college – which will become increasingly more expensive because as the government guarantees more and more student debt, the universities will helpfully hike their tuition until she is levereged up to the maximum amount that the government will guarantee.

    But hey, he cares, right?

    The only cure for leftist propaganda is the truth – not vandalism.

  • They did catch the vandal on camera and have issued a felony warrant for his arrest. And — he looks exactly like you would expect him to.

  • Why are all repubs such conspiracy theorists?
    They DO have security footage of the vandal from the most recent news story on this. The owner of the club tackled him but HPD wouldn’t charge him because he hadn’t vandalized anything. Unless they were willing to call HPD on their own accomplice (and have their friend possibly face criminal charges or being run over by a car)… it makes no sense that it was for PR.

    The most plausible story is usually the truth. Someone hates Obama and thought vandalizing the painting would show the owners his distaste for Obama. The end.

  • Patrick – Was it a tall black man with dreads?

  • The mural vandal is at home, laundering his sheet.

  • From the picture on last week, the vandal appears to be a 60-ish white crazy homeless dude.

  • Are all Brians scapegoaters?

  • Anybody notice the Davis family and Mr. Adams elected to use as their new image of the President one of him holding a wasp baby with caricatured blue eyes? 9 months later and not even a sharpie stain… brilliant!