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  • “Formal living room accented by raised ceilings.” Lots of families use the formal LR of pre-“great room” houses as the kids’ playroom. It can be little disconcerting to come in the front door and see Toys R Us immediately to the left or right.

  • It’s important to vacuum the carpets before a showing.

  • Does this place double as a day-care center, because that is a lot of toys.

  • @miss_msry, I’m embarassed to say that if I pulled out all of my daughter’s toys and set them up like that it wouldn’t look too different, thought he bulky infant toys are gone. Blame overzealous grandparents who didn’t have the money back when we were kids to buy everything they wanted to for us…And you can’t just throw that stuff out. Or it’s a home daycare :-)