William F. Stern, 1947—2013

Houston’s growing reputation as an architectural hotspot attracted Bill Stern to the city in 1976. He began by working for the grandaddy of the city’s Tin Houses, Eugene Aubry; later he helped popularize the very “Houston” look favored by many other architects who had gathered around the Menils — beginning in 1992 with his own 3-story louvered home at the corner of Milford and Mt. Vernon in the Museum District (above) and continuing with many subsequent buildings designed by his firm, renamed Stern and Bucek Architects in 1999. In addition to their own designs, Stern and Bucek helped preserve, renovate, and reuse Modern structures, including the Menils’ own 1950 home on San Felipe by Philip Johnson, the Frame-Harper House, the CAMH, and the Miller Outdoor Theater. Stern was an art collector and a founding editor of the Rice Design Alliance’s Cite magazine; he taught at UH for almost 30 years. Pancreatic cancer cut his life short; Stern died Friday in his Milford St. home.

Photo of 1202 Milford St.: Stern and Bucek Architects

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