The Covered-Up History in the Fort Bend County Courthouse Basement

THE COVERED-UP HISTORY IN THE FORT BEND COUNTY COURTHOUSE BASEMENT Renovations to restore as much as possible of the 1908 Fort Bend County courthouse, standing at 500 Jackson St. in Richmond, have revealed a couple of surprises from the building’s past, reports the Sugar Land Sun: “Beneath the building’s carpeting was finely-made Italian Terrazzo flooring, dating back to the courthouse’s original construction. . . . While installing the building’s electrical system and sump pump in its basement, a walled-up room with glazed tile was uncovered. [Director of Facilities Management Don] Brady said the hidden room is likely a segregation-era restroom for African-Americans.” [Sugar Land Sun] Photo: Terry Jeanson

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  • Its exact replica is in San Marcos, so how unique can a building be when it’s the carbon copy of another ..yawn. If you want a great courthouse check out the one in Beaumont or San Antonio or Waxihachie…..

  • Shannon=WASP=CREOLE.

  • Xtxn, I was going to say the same thing, it’s too obvious.

  • I want to see those floors!

  • Funny you guys (xtxn/commonsense) would say that. I don’t normally keep track of who’s who but I was JUST thinking that the three name were the same person. Each post seems to have the same tone.

  • they never agree on anything but they agree on this…too funny

  • Mel – me, too. It amazes me some of the things they find in these old buildings – gorgeous terrazzo hidden under ratty old carpeting. Beautiful plaster coffered ceilings with gold leaf behind sagging, stained lay-in tile…. It must be like Christmas every day for the project team.

  • When one gets torn or burned down then the other with be unique!

  • Lol Rex, exactly

  • Right, it would be terrible to have *two* beautiful, historic, turn-of-the century courthouses. Beauty and architecture just isn’t worthy if it’s not endangered. I should have realized it all along.

  • This is actually Stage 2. Back in the early ’80s, they had a devil of a time making up their minds whether to “modernize” or restore the courthouse, with restoration winning out. As a result, there is more to work with.

  • I grew up over there and remember when they restored the roof. the domes are copper and for a while they were shiny and golden looking.