The First Inside-the-Loop Dunkin’ Donuts?

Could it be . . . time? A reader claims to have spotted the first inside-the-Loop Dunkin’ Donuts — or at least the future home of it. Last spring, franchise group 521 Interests announced plans to open 16 new Dunkin’ Donuts in Houston; this photo taken this morning in Montrose at the corner of South Shepherd and Fairview shows what might be the first of those, now that the former Arby’s is festooned with the donut makers’ orange and pink signage. Claiming, among other achievements in food and beverage, to be the nation’s top bagel retailer, Dunkin’ Donuts will be just a block and a half away from the Hot Bagel Shop.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Darn it beef and cheddar or dunkin’ donuts, what a conundrum so torn.. :)

  • You can get coffee and donuts everywhere. Tell me where the hell I’m supposed to find Horsey Sauce now.

  • There was a Dunkin’ Donuts for years on the east side of Shepherd between West Alabama and Richmond.

  • From the Simpsons episode “A Milhouse Divided”. Milhouse’s dad, Kirk, goes to live in a slimey singles apartment:

    Man: Hey, there, Kirk…
    Kirk: Oh, boy, what’s going on? Patio party?
    Man: No, a possum drowned in the pool.
    Kirk: Throw it over the fence, and let Arby’s worry about it.

  • Now I appreciate the Northeast corridor Cult-of-Dunkin, but anyone who selects a Dunkin Donuts bagel over Hot Bagel shop deserves what’s coming to them.

  • i’m fine with dunkin and all, but that’s the Arby’s building, right? i take it arby’s is no more?

    didn’t even notice this, amazing how little i use shepherd despite living right next to it.

  • Where am I going to get Arby’s? The Sawyer Heights’ one is a tease, never (and I mean never) open. It’s like a Potemkin Arby’s, made to distract us while the real Arby’s is converted into a Dunkin Donuts.

    I desperately want a Inner Loop Dunkin Donuts (ITLDD) but at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!?

  • Seriously, they all suck compared to Krispy Kreme.

  • I’m trembling with anticipation right down to my Connecticut Yankee roots.

  • There are (8) corporate owned Arby’s in Houston currently being marketed For Lease. The Shepherd location is going to be a Dunkin Donuts location. Arby’s will be all but out of the Houston market by year-end

  • Dunkin sucks; Shipley’s rocks.

  • It’s still a hard place to get in and out, it’s hard to make a left turn, especially there.

  • Dunkin is not what it used to be. The donuts are worse than grocery store donuts nowadays. Sorry for the people think they are getting the Dunkin from their youth, you will be disappointed. The coffee is good, and most of the stores have Baskin Robbins in them as well, so that’s a plus. I don’t hate them, but there is better, just about everywhere.

  • Oh man, Hot Bagel is unbelievably excellent.
    If they’d either share the shop or take over Dirks coffee, I’d instantly put on 20 pounds of bagel, lox, and cream cheese weight.

    Started frequenting Black Hole Coffee little more often now. I don’t know if its the coffee, other customers, or new works but something about Dirks just started to turn me off one day even though its something I can walk to in about 3 minutes.

    But yeah Black hole is a hipster Mecca, but the workers have always been pretty genuinely friendly. Coffee is great too.

  • I have to agree with the sentiment of LaurenK. If you choose Dunkin over Hot Bagel you are either insane (seriously get checked, I’m concerned for your health) or you don’t know about Hot Bagel Shop. If you don’t well now you do. Their jalapeno cream cheese is unbelievable, and so very Texan.

  • Most Dunkins do NOT have Baskin Robbins in them and very rarely ever will going forward. Dunkin realized that generally speaking Donut Shops and Ice Cream shops had different location requirements.

  • Hot Bagel shop’s pretty good but I’d give the edge to New York Coffee Shop.

    As for Horsey Sauce — there are plenty of recipes online. Brown Bag also carries the Boar’s Head equivalent.

  • From bill_b:

    There was a Dunkin’ Donuts for years on the east side of Shepherd between West Alabama and Richmond.

    No, kidding. I live 2 blocks from it and what a dump that attracted the homeless. There was also one on the corner of Montrose (or Waugh) and W. Gray.

  • Lived there, and it was torn down about 20 years ago, for some kind of 2 story strip center.

  • Arbys at Taylor closed late last year FYI:

  • So may Arby’s haters… I think they’ve done a decent job lately. Arby’s has the best curly fries ever. Does this mean the relatively new one in the Village Plaza shopping center on the Katy is closing too?

  • The Dunkin Donuts restaurant in Bellaire has been there since 1966.

  • I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the first inner-loop Dunkin Donuts. Isn’t there still a franchise along Scott Street from UH?

    Or does that part of town not count due to all the black people?

  • There was a Dunkin Doughnuts in the East End on Wayside near Polk St. It changed names not too long ago.

  • Niche, the one on Scott isn’t there anymore.

    The Wayside one de-branded back in 2010 or so.

    And yes, I think the quality at Arby’s everywhere has gone way, way down.

  • dunkin donuts has better and cheaper ice coffee than starbucks, FYI for all you haters out there. Also, their breakfast sandwiches are pretty good.

  • It appears the “Opening Soon” sign is gone at this former Arby’s location, and doesn’t appear to be much construction action either. Dunkin’s delayed on their entry here?