The Fresh Booty Now Available from Midtown’s Decommissioned Bootylicious Mansion

Interested in a bit of booty plundered from the the birthplace of Bootylicious? The former Rice Mansion at 1505 Hadley St. in Midtown most recently served as the headquarters of Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment and moonlighted as a wedding and event venue. According to Architectural Digest, Destiny’s Child recorded Bootylicious, as well as several other of its hit songs, inside this building. But Knowles sold the entire block bounded by Hadley, Crawford, Webster, and LaBranch streets late last year, and its new owner — Group 1 Automotive, the parent company of the neighboring Midtown Advantage BMW car dealership — has begun demolishing the structures sitting on it one by one.

For now, the Rice Mansion — minus a bunch of salvaged parts and furnishings, which were yanked out recently — is still standing. But some of its parts have already been spotted by a Swamplot reader on an internet auction site. Though the building is more than a century old, the offered materials are clearly of far more recent vintage. Behold:


750 sq. ft. or engineered oak flooring,

15 passage knobsets,

and 14 interior doors, at least a few of them graced with nameplates referencing Destiny’s Child’s former manager:

All this could be yours, if you bid wisely. It all comes from the building pictured here in its current state:

The auctions are scheduled to end Thursday.

Photos: Jordan (Rice Mansion); MaxSold (building parts)

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