The New Oak Forest Neighborhood Library

Thanks to the reader who sent Swamplot this image, showing what the new west wing of the Oak Forest Neighborhood Library is supposed to look like when construction is complete. The addition provides an updated reading of the library’s current Mod entrance, which sits quietly at the back of the shopping center on 43rd St., a block west of Ella:


Construction is expected to begin this July.

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  • For several years, that was our neighborhood library. Too bad it can’t be renovated — I really love the striped green tilework. But at least they’re staying mod-ish.

    The building is barely noticeable at the back of the parking lot where it is now. Perhaps the new construction will bring new life to the facility.

  • That place has been there a long time. It’s long been time for a redo. It was my neighborhood library for 17 years.

  • Swamplot should verify facts first. The mid-century Oak Forest Library IS NOT being demolished. Houston Public Library is working very diligently to save, restore, renovate and add-on to the existing building. The rendering that you show is of the addition to the west side of the original building facing the newish elementary school across the street. When the work is complete, the “new” Oak Forest will have dedicated areas for Children, Teens, and Adults, a new Meeting Room, Conference Room, and expanded services. It will be fully ADA compliant and should also acquire L.E.E.D certification.

  • @John: Thanks for providing the additional information. The story’s now been updated to make it clearer that the original building is not being demolished. Swamplot is frequently unable to verify facts before we publish. As you know, Swamplot’s factual verification process takes place live, 24/7, in these comments and through our email inbox. Thanks for participating in it!

  • I’ve lived in the area for 5 years, but only visited this library once, last summer, to donate books for the Friends of Houston Library book sale. It was like walking back into the early 70s — I thought I was in high school study hall again. As much as I enjoy a little nostalgia, Im glad the local folks will get something a bit more updated.

  • I love the mod look and green tile. They have ripped out the carpet. I think that view is from going North on Oak Forest drive where the library currently holds outdoor classes. I think the integrity of the front facade will not be compromised in this renovation.

  • It is a good library for kid’s books. My kids love it. The neighbohood is grateful to the City (for finally approving the CIP funds) and to Natalye Appel + Associates and Donna Kacmar for the effort put forth in the design of the addition.

    There is one image on the homepage of the architect’s website that shows how the front facade of the existing library will be intergrated with the new addition. Very clean.

  • Hi, as an Oak Forest Stay at Home Mom, with a toddler, I’m REALLY ready for the new beautifully improved Oak Forest Library to be opened again. Does anyone know when it’s slated to open? Big sign in front says “Opening Soon-call 832-393-1313 for more information”, but the lady on the other end of that number said they weren’t given any information as to when it would be opening. A little misleading signage there…
    Shanyn Zink

  • I just called the number and was told the opening is scheduled for April 18th. I can wait.