The New Restaurant on That Old Sixth Ward Corner

Maybe this mystery has been solved: That old building at 908 Henderson just a block south of Liberty Station on Washington Ave is being converted into a restaurant called Big Eyed Fish. The owners just started posting some pics of the renovations to a Facebook page, and a new website promises that the place — “think southern upscale cuisine,” the website explains — is opening soon.

Photo: via Facebook

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  • I hope the naked guitar player becomes the chef.

  • How can that place possibly have enough parking spots per the city of houston code?

  • This is not South Hampton.Anything is possible.

  • SFP: Maybe they found a way around a dumb law that shouldn’t exist.

  • To all the Swamplotters out there: As Cody was alluding to, there are exceptions/grandfather rules regarding the parking requirements. Would someone be able to offer a short explanation of what they or, or perhaps provide a link to a site that does?
    Thanks in advance.

  • I was pretty sure that parking requirements for businesses in historic districts were lower but I couldn’t find a link to it online so maybe I’m off on that one

  • Found it -Sec. 26-498. Reduced parking space requirement for a historic building.permanent link to this piece of content

    For a building designated as a protected landmark or a contributing structure within a historic district pursuant to article VII of chapter 33 of this Code, the total number of parking spaces required by this article shall be reduced by 40 percent. No reduction under this section shall be permitted for a building where an exterior alteration or rehabilitation was performed without a certificate of appropriateness required by article VII of chapter 33 of this Code.

    (Ord. No. 2013-208, § 2(Exh. A), 3-6-2013)

  • Big Eyed Fish, my favorite DMB song. That alone will coax at least one visit out of me.

  • Hi everyone, I’m speaking from Big Eyed Fish. I would first like to thank swamplot for being the first to show interest in my restaurant and to everyone that has commented. I also wanted to let everyone know that we do have parking behind the restaurant and you can park along the street without a permit during our business hours except for Friday and Saturday night since we close at midnight.

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook for an opening date. Hope to see everyone soon.