The Parts of Town Where Those Streetcorner Mini Murals Are Popping Up

THE PARTS OF TOWN WHERE THOSE STREETCORNER MINI MURALS ARE POPPING UP Mini Mural by 2:12, Stella Link at Latma Dr., Woodside, HoustonIf you’re wondering where you can find more of those painted-over traffic signal control boxes —- like the one pictured here, which just appeared at the corner of Stella Link and Latma Dr. in Woodside — there’s a . . . website for that. UP Art Studio, the mural project’s instigators, has pics up of more than 2 dozen of the altered streetcorner cabinets colorfully transformed by artists so far, as well as an interactive map for scouting them out. The project is restricted (so far, at least) to the southwest part of town inside the Beltway. In all, 14 artists have been commissioned to reimagine 31 metal boxes. [UP Art Studio] Photo: 2:12

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  • It’s marginally better than gang land tagging graffiti. ..I guess. The one pictured is creative. We shall see.

  • Lovely. Anything is way better than the tired tagging / graffiti… Looking forward to these mini works of art popping up in the 006 !

  • Been tickled to see the ones along Braeswood. I may take the kids on a drive to spot some of the others.

  • There is one with a larger than life-size raccoon emerging from it on Gessner between Bissonnet and Belfort. I thought I was imagining it, had to go around again to make sure I wasn’t. I like this project.

  • Transforming Houston’s streets, one intersection at a time. Love it!

  • On my way to work, I drive along Old Spanish Trail and I saw Mr. D (whose name I just learned through the collection’s website) working on the signal box.
    At first, I thought it was so brazen that someone would graffiti the box in broad daylight with his personal truck on the curb – and in front of the City’s Health and Human Services building, too. Then, I thought that no one could be that crazy. But, it would be a perfect “in plain sight” kind of crime, also.
    When I saw the end result on my reverse commute, I was happy to see it – and now knowing it is part of a larger SW side project, I’m all in favor of it. I’m actually curious to go find the others now.

  • Here is the website to see all of them most are in district K

  • I like these and really hope the taggers dont paint over them. Also I hope they are maintained or refreshed as they age and weather

  • i was in san jose earlier this year and I noticed walking around their downtown area they had some kind of program to put art (i think mostly by high school students) on the service doors of buildings. it looked like each one was sponsored by some of the local companies. here is a link to the program info:

  • Hi everyone – thank you for your (mostly) positive comments! We are very excited that many community members are enjoying this project. Regarding the questions of maintenance, the boxes are being clear coated to protect from the elements and vandalism, helping to ensure their vibrancy for years to come. Thank you again for your support! ~Elia

  • I saw a decorated (not tagged) box this morning from the parking lot of the midtown post office. I’m not sure it is part of the same project, but I liked it. (It was abstract and geometrical.)