The Ransacking Of Idylwood’s Little Free Library 4918

THE RANSACKING OF IDYLWOOD’S LITTLE FREE LIBRARY 4918 little-library-idylwood-ransackedWhen Little Free Library 4918 owner Sally Harris returned home “from an incredibly productive morning and midday” Sunday afternoon, she found the door to her festive Mardi Gras-themed Idylwood book repository hanging wide open and more than half of the books “plundered.” (See photo at bottom.)  Her belief that the security precautions she had taken on Halloween night had seen it through pranking season proved sadly mistaken; and oddly, religious tracts and pictures of Jesus were found in the rifled-through library.  Vented Harris on Facebook Sunday afternoon: “When I set out to create a neighborhood library, I always said you can’t steal ‘free’ but this is vandalism and it has me shaking and angry.” Harris posted that she recently had been considering a remodel anyway, and some of her friends have already pledged to help her restock via book donations. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of Little Free Library 4918, 6644 Lindy Ln.: Sally Harris    

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  • Do we need to split hairs, here? It’s obvious Jesus is the culprit.

  • It was probably just some good Samaritan removing the blasphemous naughty books. You can’t just have works of literature siting about where a child might read them!

  • Well, maybe Jesus can fix it–he was a carpenter. . .

  • Supply-Side Jesus deemed that thou shall maximize profit margins. Giving away free books is against the free market.

  • really, Idylwood is a REALLY WEIRD neighborhood. Have you ever drive thru there? Theres a really strange ‘children of the corn’ vibe there. This vandalism was probably part of some kind of wikkan ritual.

  • Well Jesus certainly never looked like Jeffrey Hunter, think more like Omar Shariff crossed with Rasputin. It’s sad some douch plundered her little Bibliotheca, however let’s all get a grip, it’s not like these idiots knocked over the ancient Library in Alexandria. Just go to a garage sale and restock it for $1.50, then spend another $1.50 rebuilding your “Library”. Solicit donations for the $3.00, here’s a nickel and my copy of Catcher In The Rye.

  • It is obviously not about the money. I am sure it gave the owner and the neighbors some warm and fuzzies that it could exist unmolested. Let’s hope it was a one time prank.

  • There are some pretty insensitive and ignorant remarks posted here about this act of vandalism. The Little Free Library concept is a nationwide effort that’s been covered extensively in the media.

  • Dude, lighten up! It’s not like they torched the Lourve. The books are hardly first editions, they can easily and cheaply be replaced. Yes, I’m sure this was annoying, but get a grip and some perspective.

  • Shannon is right on. Sucks tht people can be dicks and mess up what’s cool little thing, but put in perspective its a pretty small fry event

  • This never would’ve happened before WalMart was built.

  • sorry Sally, it’s not a tree so people here could really care less.

  • couldn’t, of course

  • Yeh me no understand. Someone opened the door, took some books and left a biblical trading card. If this was mine I’d probably stop thinking about it by the time I reached my front door.

  • People caring less shows how much they do care.