Fancy San Felipe Townhome Project Downsizes from French to English


What happened to that Fortress French development of enormous $2.2-million-plus townhomes (pictured at top) planned for the former site of Urban Retreat across the street from River Oaks on the corner of San Felipe and Revere St.? Builder Rohe & Wright has scrapped plans for the 10-unit Saint Honoré at 1900 Revere St. — in favor of a reconfigured development that will lack its predecessor’s continental pretensions:


Rendering of Proposed Cadogan Place Townhome Development, 1903-1917 Revere St. at San Felipe, Upper Kirby, Houston

That’s right: The just-announced Cadogan Place townhome compound (see rendering above) is meant be modeled after a London hotel, not a fashionable Paris street. And not just your run-of-the-mill London hotel, either — The Cadogan is where famed playwright and quotation maker-upper Oscar Wilde was famously caught “committing acts of gross indecency with other male persons” in 1895 and sentenced, as a result, to 2 years of hard labor in prison.

If that wanna-be pedigree doesn’t bring in more buyers than the Saint Honoré was able to lure, maybe the lower price tags will: Cadogan Place’s 12 units will range from $1.65 to $1.9 million. Rohe & Wright’s Winfield Gate development is one block to the west.

Renderings: Rohe & Wright

Wilde Associations

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  • Downsizing from French to English? No such thing. If anything, that’s an upgrade. (not considering food)

  • New rendering is more cohesive with the area, but hardly worth the price. If they really wanted style they should have visited the townhomes on the Ritz property in Dallas. I’m sure Oscar would be amused at the audacity of this developer to compare this brick pile to the one in London. Hubris is never a pretty thing and neither is this building.

  • Couple more years, maybe the’ll drop into the 500k range and call it The Castro.