There’s Nothing Between the 2520 Robinhood Condos and Hans’ Bier Haus Now Except Pounds of Rotting Flesh

Did someone really dump 20 pounds of rotting meat in the private alley between the side wall of the 2520 Robinhood at Kirby Condos and the bar patio of Hans’ Bier Haus? Or was it actually 40 pounds? A commenter first alerted Swamplot readers to the smelly situation on Monday, just a few days after a TABC judge — over the live and videotaped objections of several condo residents who live next door — renewed the bar’s alcohol license. But an abc13 report from yesterday gives the latest episode in the ongoing feud a marvelous twist: The alley where the maggot-infested meat is resting is in the Rice Village bar war’s DMZ:

Bar employees can’t enter the area because of a restraining order, and no one from the condo has removed the meat. The bar says the stench is hurting business.

Photos: Sandra Gunn (top) and abc13

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  • Channel 13 deems this news worthy, slow day apparently.

  • Condo owners: In this age of cheap digital recorders, chances are pretty good someone knows who did this. If not, they’ll record the next stupid move you make.

  • @ Carol – I wonder if they forgot to turn off their own cameras that they have taping the place and caught exactly who did it, or left a big chunk of time off the tape. Wouldn’t that be grand. lol

  • What a bunch of jerks…

  • What’s next? Smallpox infested blankets? I guess when the cost of buying fetid meat gets too high the condo owners can congregate on their balconies, en masse, for a giant fart blast.

  • Those condo owners obviously don’t fart, apparenly their excrement doesn’t stink, and the world is lovely and rose colored..

  • This will attract sewer rats from all over Rice Village. After devouring this mess, the rats will **sniff, sniff** work their way over to condo dumpster, and then…let’s see, where are some access points to the numerous private kitchens in the bldg?


    hope they (with apologies to Michael Jackson) “…got a Ben…”

  • Nice to know which realtor markets the building…

  • Someone in that condo needs to get sent back to kindergarten. Pathetic.

  • The drama continues! Looking forward to the next chapter.

  • When is the Swamplot HH at Hans’ Bier Haus?

  • Nose plugs available at the door, for a mere $5 donation to the GOP.. Kidding…

  • From cm:
    Channel 13 deems this news worthy, slow day apparently.

    I find it very newsworthy. These people need to be exposed as the elitist jerks that they are. Had I been the jugge during the hearings, I would have laughed those sorry excuses for human beings out of the courtroom and forced them to pay restitution to the county for all of the pointless tax dollars wasted. What were they thinking. “Let’s move right next door to a bar and then complain about it!” Where did the common sense go? These people want the convenience of the city, but none of the problems. Furthermore, they violated the court order that prohibits the residents of the condos from interfering with the business. I think germ warfare is most likely illegal and the guilty party should be put in jail. That mid-rise condo downtown should be better suited for these criminals. They will not be disturbed by any bars. Instead of tossing meat, they can learn to toss salad!

  • Amen, same thing as those brilliant folks that bought homes near railroad tracks and complain about the noise. Erm germ warfare, not ready to walk that slippery plank, but you did make your point. Tacky yes, unnecessary even more so, and exceptionally juvenile. There are just some very unhappy people in the world, who think their views trump all, and if you have the money then more often than not, you have the influence and power to get your way. While I think it’s a hilarious juxtaposition to have a small bar next to such a giant tower, my condolences go solely to the bar. Would love to see those gaudily dressed WASPS having to pick up rotten and meat and then being booked, shoot let them spend a weekend at mykawa, and then pick up trash as a trustee. But that would be *fair*…

  • From Sid:
    Someone in that condo needs to get sent back to kindergarten. Pathetic.


    Someone? They obviously are all “co-conspirators” at this point. And a pretty disgusting lot. All. Not just some. All.

  • I have to wonder if the folks who live on the side right next to the bar are the actual culprits. I would think that those folks next to the school (or whatever it is) would have enough space between them and the bar to act as a buffer.

    Doesn’t matter, they are all jerks, by association.

  • Why would any FOOL buy a place in that drump of a mid-rise. I think the kids in that school next to it are smarter then the jerks that live there. Wake up, U bought a place next to a bar. Dumb-A%%

  • Gina Gaston on ch. 13 news just said that police showed up today and issued a ticket to the CONDO owners.

  • “Willard”!

  • They’ll likely have a bake sale to pay for that ticket, all conveniently catered by Central Market. I say thumb your nose to anyone you see coming or going from that building, you be surprised how effective socal stigmas are to those whose idea of success is being admired by the world…

  • The condo people are just deluding themselves if they think the bar owner is going to throw up his hands and walk away. As long as any noise ordinances aren’t being violated, the condo people should accept they made a bad decision, make up with the bar and become merry regulars(and wait for the real estate market to rebound before selling to gtfo).

    Should the passive, purile warfare continue, someone is going end up in jail with hefty fines and several weekends of community service instead of jetting off to Cancun or Vegas.

  • First round of shiners is on me.. Let’s all be bar patrons, and maybe they’ll expand much to the chagrin of the uppity condo owners. I almost wish one of those condo owners would show up here and enlighten us with their side….

  • I think one did show up, but got shutdown so fast, they headed for the hills. Social stigmas might actually be working.

    I still can’t believe the dorks didn’t think about all this publicity hurting their chances of ever selling their condos for a very long time.

    Whoops, I shouldn’t call people names. Oh well, can I make an exception here? This whole thing burns my rear. I think I need a beer to cool off.

  • Love this coverage. Hard to believe there are grown adults in either building.

  • I wonder if they checked the meat for Morris Black’s DNA. The sausage casings may contain the missing head from the Durst trial. For those of you who don’t know about it, Google Morris Black, Galveston, and Robert Durst and get the goods on this infamous person. Someone with the same name lifes in the tower of terror.

  • Robert Durst certainly lends an air of respectability to the building, doesn’t he?

    He probably would be happier in Southampton. Easier to blend in…

  • At this very moment, NBC is doing a piece on the Susan Berman murder, Kathy Durst missing, Morris Black murder etc.

  • From PYEWACKET2:

    At this very moment, NBC is doing a piece on the Susan Berman murder, Kathy Durst missing, Morris Black murder etc.


    We are talking about a real pillar of the community here, you know?

    In a building filled with pillars of the community. Gotta love people who turn on the hoses hoping to electrocute someone, you know?

    And a couple of blocks away, we had a judge who decided to key a car that he decided didn’t need to be ticketed but keyed.

    And a couple of blocks away from there, well, all those tacky little yellow signs.

    Must be some sort of weird vortex or something over there. The Southampton Triangle.