There’s Still Time To Send In Nominations for the 2016 Swamplot Awards, If You’re Quick

Last Tuesday we started introducing the categories for the 2016 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate — that means this Tuesday is the last day to send in nominations for the year’s first Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate Ribbon Logo2 awards — Favorite Houston Design Cliché and Best Demolition. You’ve got until midnight tomorrow to submit your top choices for those 2; after that, their 1-week submission windows will snap shut.

And 2 more categories will close each day after that, as the official ballots begin to roll out (stay tuned for more info on the voting process). Some of the categories that opened mid-week — that’s Best Industrial Incident, the Houston High Water Award,  the “Where Are They Now? Award, and the Swamplot Award for Special Achievement in Parking — could still use your creative keyboardery to help pack their ranks with the city’s most award-worthy contenders. And of course, nominations for the coveted 2016 Neighborhood of the Year and Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate categories will close last — be sure to send your top picks for those by midnight on Friday. 

Making a nomination is easy — just visit any of this year’s category description pages and leave your suggestions as a comment (along with a quick explanation of why you picked it). Feel free to further elaborate on a nominee someone else has already suggested, as that’ll help it wind up on the final ballot.  Alternatively, you can email your choices to us by way of the tip line. Got any lingering questions? Check here for the official nomination guidelines.

The 2016 Swampies