This Is the How They Roll: Transit Boyz Take the Rap for Metro

The hip-hop spokeskids for Houston’s transportation agency are out with their second CD — though, as Houston Press music editor Chris Gray notes, it appears that in at least one video by the Transit Boyz, the rapping progeny of Metro employees have been replaced by puppets. Puppets modeled after the Beastie Boys. A few other references are thrown in too: “We like big buses and we cannot lie.” Yes, they really did just say that.


Lyrics here. And a more directly promotional, non-puppeted effort:

Photo and videos: Transit Boyz

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  • And you wonder why METRO is a failing agency…

  • Creativity is certainly not their strong point.

  • …nor is actual talent.

  • “We like big buses and we cannot lie.” And I thought they were into slow street cars with lots of at-grade crossings.

  • Oh, Metro … time for a new agency.

  • Child exploitation at it’s finest/worst? Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  • To all of you Haters. I would like to see you do better.

  • Kendy,

    The point is that METRO is continually wasting money on top of their service continually dropping in quality.

    This video shows the utter incompetence of the organization. The organization even goes after private groups providing transit service in certain neighborhoods that METRO has proven to utterly inept.

  • Could this just be a PR stunt after they were spanked at the last Metro Board meeting by citizens for frisking and arresting peaceful passengers via BusSafe? Someone needs to do a rap video about that disaster..