Those Emptying Government Offices

THOSE EMPTYING GOVERNMENT OFFICES The federal government is still paying more than $3.3 million a year for the (as of last September) only 21 percent occupied 117,000-sq.-ft. U.S. Attorney’s office at 919 Milam St. Downtown (the lease expires in June 2013; the offices are moving to Wells Fargo Center). And over at Three Allen Center (at left), a much smaller lease for more than 11,000 sq. ft. by the General Services Administration that expires in 2014 is only 1 percent occupied. Those are the top Houston highlights in a report detailing unused office space the GSA is spending big bucks to lease. According to Texas Watchdog reporter Mark Lisheron’s scouring of data unearthed by a report in the Washington Examiner, 103 Texas properties leased by the GSA for government agencies are less than 5 percent occupied. [Texas Watchdog; spreadsheet of Texas leases] Photo: LoopNet

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  • Stimulus!

  • How can I get the gov to rent a bedroom in my house? That sounds genius!

  • Agreed Spoonman. I mean, without those rents, the owners of those buildings would not have the surplus of cash they do, and therefore would not be able to subsequently inject that capital into the markets, thus creating more jobs. Thanks god for government. What would we ever do without them?????

  • 1% occupied, hmmm? You’re telling me they only use 100 sq feet of that lease? Government building… 99% vaccant, or is it???

  • That’s disgusting.

  • Loosen up, guys. Just think how much more it would cost us if the Feds crammed all that space with government employees. It’s a relative bargain, just sitting there empty and all.

  • It’s like a WPA for commercial real estate.