Tiny and a Little Piney: A By-the-Bayou Idylwood Bungalow

Pending status expired on this updated 1939 Idylwood bungalow, which hit the market a month ago and promptly went under contract. As of yesterday, it’s back as a re-listing at the same asking price: $283,900. The ivy-covered property sits atop a slight ridge on a street just up the block from Spurlock Park at Brays Bayou.


The home’s former sun porch at some point became a windowed-in entryway (above) leading to the front door, which opens straight into the living room:

The dining room takes its name and purpose seriously — it includes an off-the-kitchen informal eating area, just beyond a half-height wall from the main eating space.

Once past all those chairs, the path clears to the punchy black-and-white kitchen, which features both a stained glass window and newer stainless steel appliances. HCAD indicates some remodeling of the 1,742-sq.-ft. home in 2009, which is also when it last sold (for $242,900).

Furnishings suggest multiple purposes for this utility room, from storage to snacking to yard access:

Though the 5,929-sq.-ft. lot lacks trees, the den provides a piney woods setting indoors at the back of the home:

A door off the dining room leads to a small hallway with a lineup of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms:

A little brick path and patio finishes out the yard:

The roofline gives away the at-some-point addition:

The city’s Gus Wortham Park Golf Course is just 2 blocks north.

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  • Cute house on a great street. However, when I saw the listed price my jaw dropped a little, as I would have expected to see a new kitchen and some serious bath updates for such a premium price. At first I thought it was back on the market because maybe it didn’t appraise, but given that the price hasn’t changed, probably not.

  • I really miss the days when kitchens had doors that you could close. Kitchens are noisy. The open kitchen thing just sends all that noise out into the living areas. As a result, people in the living areas turn up the TV or have to talk louder. Any attempt to communicate between the kitchen and living areas sound more like a shouting match. It is also nice to be able to put an actual physical barrier between pets, toddlers and other intruders and the kitchen. And where are you supposed to go mid-meal in order to have a heated argument with your spouse?

  • Old School. Once again I agree with you. My 1950’s era house has doors on all the rooms. (Even the hallway!) Old style but each of us can go into a room–the kitchen, the den, the living room, and listen to music, cook, watch t.v, be on the computer–and daughter can have a separate visit with her date–and we don’t bother each other. Besides you can close the kitchen door and hide noise, smells and dirty dishes!! I don’t understand open floor plans. At All.

  • Loved this house – tried to buy in back in 2009 but it wouldn’t appraise (by at least $20,000). Actually ended up on the front page of the Chronicle. But the selling price was close to listed price back then, so I guess someone worked something out.

  • For those thinking the vintage tile baths need to be ripped out, Perry townhomes is building not too far away.

  • I love the an appraiser has the ability to kill a deal. Because they understand the value more than two parties that have come to an agreement between themselves on a price. It’s just slightly more reasonable then a bank using HCAD value to allow or loan to happen.
    The last appraiser that got paid ($) to appraise a multifamily of mine in Montrose was from 45n up in whereverville. Had no idea about the Montrose market. He spent about 10 min and low and behold, the appraisal came in at purchase price.
    Such a scam. An appraisal should be something a buyer should be freely able to get if they’d like, as part of DD, to make sure they’re getting a fair deal. But to make or break a deal is just dumb.
    But hey, that’s my opinion. It’s 5am and I’m still on cup #1 of joe.

  • Right across Hillcroft from Houston’s finest Lee High School, too.

  • Oops, wrong house that I commented on.

  • @ Cody – I certainly get your point. I once had the same issue with an appraiser (from the far burbs) who apparently thought the other side of 45 contained comps to Woodland Heights. (“But they’re all within a two mile radius!!!” – lazy bum.)

  • This one is back under contract apparently.