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  • right, wish I could sell my house for twice the appraisal value

  • That looks like a nice place to become Soylent Green.

  • For the 50th time, appraisals or assessments from tax rolls have absolutely nothing to do with market value. He’s lucky that the tax man is not paying attention and way undervaluing his property.

  • looks like the Starship Enterprise.
    There were always actors busily crossing the main corridor

  • If you’re paying the full market value in your tax assessment you either don’t have a homestead exemption, you’re incredibly unlucky, or the market has finally caught up with you, which frankly shouldn’t really happen. In houston these days its fairly uncommon to have your home assessed value be anywhere near the actual market value of your house (unless no homestead exemption).

  • Love that breathless commentary (HELP MY CAP LOCKS BROKE!), but I’m particularly drawn to the ARIEL VIEW. Out of the universe of possible meanings of ariel, I suspect this is a Freudian slap on The Little Mermaid, although “a satellite of Uranus” offers an appealing alternative.

  • Open the pod bay doors, HAL!

  • My first thought was “James Turrell”.