Total Wine & More Filling Up Half a Dozen Empty Big Boxes All Over Town

Total Wine & More, 7640 Cypress Creek Pkwy., Willowbrook, Houston, 77070

There’s a 7-entry roster of Total Wine & More locations now included in the Yellow Pages listing for the Houston area — though the first Houston outpost of the Maryland-based liquor store only opened up in late October, in the decommissioned Office Max near Willowbrook Mall. But apparent new addresses for the store (known in Connecticut for its run of criminally low alcohol prices) include the former sites of 3 of Houston’s 4 remaining Fresh Market locales (all of which shut down in May).  Those old Fresh spots (the ones of Holcome Blvd., Memorial Dr., and San Felipe St.) have all been issued recent remodeling permits with Total Wine noted as the occupant. Other locations apparently in the works are in Baybrook Mall (which is hiring) and a box site in Richmond at 5472 W Grand Pkwy., reclaimed following Sports Authority’s fall and retreat from Texas.

Photo of Total Wine & More at 7640 Cypress Creek Pkwy. in Willowbrook: Total Wine & More

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  • Great more alcohol in reach. Just what the drunks and drunk drivers need more of. But I guess one needs a lot of alcohol to bear life in boring H-town.

  • Spec’s will have some decent competition now.

  • This is surprising given the closure of so many other liquor stores (Richard’s, Avalon, etc). But I notice that spirits sales are trending upward nationally (slowly). On the other hand, maybe this new big box has a great cigar selection :).

  • Glad to see these empty stores get occupied.

  • Has ANYONE ever been to a Goody Goody Liquor store? There is one on Woodway, although their website says there are 2 other locations in Houston as well. Every time I pass the Woodway store, it is completely empty. Like 1 car in the parking lot empty. Any reviews?

  • But Ed, the more stores, the less driving your ‘drunk drivers’ will have to do to get their booze. A win-win.

  • It is fun to say Goody Goody when you are drunk.

  • I visited the Goody Goody on Woodway a few times before I moved from the area last summer. Sale items had very competitive pricing, but everything else was noticeably more expensive than Specs or Richards. The craft beer selection was disappointing (Whole Foods and Central Market are much better).

    The staff outnumbered the customers each time, so no waiting in line!

  • As long as buyers are enjoying their adult beverages responsibly, I have no problem with more booze emporiums. More competition is never an issue and I can hope that the booze taxes flow like rivers of booze into City Hall.
    Of course, the people at City Hall spend money like they have been drinking too much – but I don’t know if that is their normal state or if they got too liquored up at all of the new shops.

  • @NativeHou

    I’ve been to the Goody Goody in Humble.

    I’ve found the selection to be as good or better than a normal-sized Specs and the pricing to be about 5% lower even factoring in Spec’s cash discount. They also have a 1% back reward program.

    So it’s basically cheaper, but not cheap enough to go out of your way to go there.

  • I lived in Maryland for 2 years recently. You’re going to like Total Wine & Spirits. I’m a big Specs fan, but Total Wine may take the crown. MUCH better selection; huge in fact. Prices always competitive.

    Goody is crap. Went there expecting to find a warehouse liquor store. Instead it is just a glossy ABC store with poor choices and an over-done theme. It’s the Sports Authority of liquor stores.

    I welcome our Total Wine overlords. And you will too.

  • Finally a clean upscale store with great prices.
    I visited the ones in Dallas and their service is professional and superior to any old liquor chain in Dallas or especially Houston.