Unbaking a Lonely Strip Center Spot

UNBAKING A LONELY STRIP CENTER SPOT Saddled with a “terrible” location — a lonely strip center on Barker Cypress Rd., halfway between Katy and Cypress, year-old Ranch Bakery is taking to Kickstarter to raise funds to — break its lease? No — start up a food truck, explains owner John Homrighausen. It’ll be a souped-up delivery truck with “a giant pair of longhorns for the front & a horn that plays ‘The Eyes Of Texas,'” he promises. The spot at 5431 Barker Cypress is good for his catering company, Homrighausen explains, “but an unfortunate one for a retail store.” He hopes to lure fans of kolaches and Big John’s King Kong Ding Dongs to donate a total of $19,965 towards the effort by the end of the month. [Kickstarter, via Eater Houston] Photo: Ranch Bakery

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  • What was John thinking when HE choose this location. Demographics DID NOT /WILL NOT support his business.When he can,John NEEDS to NOT renew his lease and MOVE to a location with MORE traffic,homes and supporting businesses.And hire a marketing consultant.Good Luck.

  • Longhorns and plays the fight song? He’ll have go to Kickstarter again to raise funds for legal fees when UT inevitably sues him.

  • Who would buy kolaches from a truck that plays “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”?

  • “The Eyes of Texas” isn’t the school’s to own, nor is the fact that some cattle have long horns. UT gets to keep a logo and color, and I think maybe “Gig ’em,” but not everything that’s identifiable with the state.