Exploring the Indoor Wildlife in a Pasadena Dead Animal House

Game for a little house hunting? No guns are in sight, but a tour through this 4-or-5-bedroom, 3-1/2-bath habitat in Pasadena’s Cedar Lawn neighborhood just northeast of Ellington Airport proudly displays the spoils of several safari adventures. Animal attractions lurk in almost every room of the 4,705-sq.-ft. eighties colonial. But not all of them have eyes:


No sudden moves in the foyer, please. The grand staircase is one of 2 in the home.

Feline upholstery dominates the living room (above). Through 2 pairs of glass doors lies the den:

In the dining room, one of many faux wall treatments camouflages the plain drywall:

All animal remains appear to have been cleared up from the kitchen and adjacent breakfast area, but you’ll find a small gathering of retired wildlife in this well-cabineted extra room downstairs:

Upstairs is a bull-adorned sitting area (above) and the master suite:

A child’s room includes this gentle introduction to the world of stuffed animals:

The home on a 16,500-sq.-ft. lot — and listed for $649,000 since late July — includes a 3-car garage with a separate quarters area for a nanny or hunting guide.

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  • I mean, really. You spring for two staircases, faux stone finishes and non-strucural Greek columns… but settle for the stock Home Depot sink/faucent combo in the kitchen? When people go tacky, I want full on Liberace tacky. I demand it. This house is a disgrace.

  • You know what’s pushing me over the edge here? The zebra robe hanging in the bathroom. That’s commitment.

  • this is the world of Commander McBragg….obviously living in Pasadena provided inspiration for the “Giant Mosquito” episode.


  • Bordello comes to mind.

  • Wow that’s something, geeze

  • There are no words except: did these people move from or are they moving to Dallas? I sure hope the poor folks in Pasadena’s Chamber of Commerce are cringing with the reinforced stereotype many have of the area…Let’s hope they are not all cheering the classy decor and even considering now claiming Pasadena is in fact home to a local zoo! An ostrich? That is considered game worthy of shooting in a kill?

  • Sweet mother of god, they stuffed an ostrich.

  • You dont shoot ostriches when you hunt them – you wrestle them to the ground and strangle them with your bare hands! Its quite an ordeal – they are much bigger in person…..at least that what I have been told.

  • This may be a dumb question, but why is it that the higher priced the house, the worse the interior design? I mean it sincerely. Some of the absolutely, positively, worst interior looks seem to congregate in high priced homes. Is someone trying prove the adage about lots of money, zero taste? Or is it that the interior designers are just so marvelous at sales pitches that their clients will think, what the hell? We are paying them enough, they must know what they are doing! Or the homeowner did it themselves. In either case, like the exterior and like the pool. The interior? Not so much.

  • That only applies to the ostriches in and around College Station. The other ostriches run when you go up to try to choke them.

  • It takes money to take crap to the next level. Craptastic does not come cheap.

  • I think the buck head in the child’s room was Photoshopped in. But there could be an American bison lurking in the den.

  • It humors me that many of those pictures don’t show off the house so much as the decorating.

  • I just imagine a naked zebra taking a shower when I see that photo.

  • “You know what’s pushing me over the edge here? The zebra robe hanging in the bathroom. That’s commitment.”

    I was thinking the same thing and it struck me that Percy Dovetonsils might live here.

  • I jump in it!

  • “I think the buck head in the child’s room was Photoshopped in. But there could be an American bison lurking in the den.”

    That looks more like a Cape Buffalo than a bison. No one hunts bison, they just stand there while you shoot them. It’s like hunting a cow, according to someone I know who has shot one. Cap Buffalo, however, would just as soon kill you as do anything, and are considered to be one of the more dangerous beasts out there.

  • Pasadena? Go figure. I cannot come close to imagining the really bad dark karma rooted in that house. It’s a ‘celebrate death’ abode. Maybe someone has an inferiority complex about ‘something’ and is over compensating with the collection of mostly ‘big’ animals…..

  • I wouldn’t want to be their neighbor, if I owned a dog or cat. bbrrrr!

  • Take out the furniture (zoology exhibits included) and add a coat of paint to tame things down, and the house has potential – lots of space and woodwork. The structure gets buried by the gaud in these pics.

  • I could live with it…except for the stuffed animals. Some of the antique pieces are incredible and look like they were quite high dollar.

    I want the animal print chaise in the bedroom…I want it.

    Pasadena? Who knew?

    Houston (my hometown) continues to surprise me every day I live here. I had no idea there were such houses in Pasadena.

  • There is a bison looking part of head in the photo with the double doors going into the den.

  • I love the lion pretty much springing to attack you when you walk in the door. And that makes the *second* home in Swamplot that makes me think of Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt.”

  • It looks like they cut off the giraffe’s legs and back half of his body and scrunched his neck to make him fit the space. Could we bring in Roger and Tanya from “Sell This House” to stage this place and see who vomits first?

  • If the top-floor executive suite of the Service Corporation International building were a private home, it would look just like this.

  • What kind of “retired wildlife” horn is that in the photo of the “well cabineted extra room downstairs”? Rhino maybe?

    Or, could it be one of those exotic bovines with the huge horns?

    We were on the YO Ranch out of Kerrville some 20 plus years ago and they had some cattle from Africa that had horns so large, I swear, I don’t know how they could hold up their heads. At the horn base, right next to the head must have been ten inches in diameter.

  • Steve Martin’s house in “The Jerk”? This is clearly a movie set for a campy movie.

  • Cashadena!! where the air is greener!

  • I’d hate to have to vacuum all those dead animals.

  • this is a weird house but I have to give the home owner credit for being different even thought it appears the Houston Zoo’s gift shop is missing all their merch

  • I’m glad I took my other 120 trophies out of the house for you. Judging by the times of the post,I see most are either jobless or on ya’lls smoke break. Obviously fans of the all too many tract home and Kirklands decor, you obviously know nothing about decorating and fine antiques. Reproductions?? Really please to be upset that a table cost more than your car..it’s ok..AHH time to go hunting..you guys clock back in and go to work. If you guys have any special request for new mounts, let me know and I’ll shoot one for you:)

  • Just got back from Africa. Our guide said the hardest thing about shooting a lion in an African wild game hunting reserve is getting the fence that keeps the lions from getting away out of the picture of the great white hunter and his dead lion.

  • P.S. This place looks like a bordello for the nouveau riche.

  • That is way beyond TACKY!!!! the only reason I can think of that someone would want that many Mounts, has to be because he is trying to compensate for something, other than his bad taste.
    Oh, and Safari Jack, MY house cost 2 times what this is on the market for!