Uncensored Views of the Med Center’s Giant Syringes, Now Flashier Than Ever

O'Quinn Medical Building, 6624 Fannin St., Medical Center, Houston, 77030

The double hypodermic needles atop the Cesar Pelli-designed O’Quinn Medical Building have just gotten brightened up: a lighting designer from FUSE sends Swamplot these bare-all shots of the Madonna tower’s roof following the company’s just-wrapped installation of a new LED setup around the tips. Down below, Texas Children’s Hospital announced earlier this week that it has bought the tower from Baylor-slash-St.-Luke’s, along with a Baylor outpatient clinic down the street. Texas Children’s told the Chronicle that it isn’t planning to boot tenants until they can move into that under construction campus on Cambridge St., somewhere around 2020.

Nor does the new owner have plans to change the tower’s name right away — though many of the physicians who petitioned against the building’s O’Quinn christening in 2005 aren’t likely to mind if they do. At the time, dozens of doctors signed a document insisting that the current namesake, Houston’s own John O’Quinn (of fen-phen and breast implant lawsuit fame), “bears partial responsibility for the litigious environment in which we work,” and that it was offensive “to have money we earned — and which he took by suing us — going to name after him a medical building in which we work every day.”

The sunset shot above looks west across the Rice campus (that’s the stadium that played backdrop to JFK’s go-to-the-moon speech, given 54 years ago this past Monday, on the right above the octagonal base); the itty-bitty silhouette of the distant Williams Tower can be seen poking up from the horizon on the left. Here’s the tip itself, so close you can almost see the filament in the flashing bulb:


O'Quinn Medical Building, 6624 Fannin St., Medical Center, Houston, 77030

And the double dose: 

O'Quinn Medical Building, 6624 Fannin St., Medical Center, Houston, 77030

Photos: FUSE

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  • Looks awesome! They need to illuminate the tops of the buildings downtown so we can actually SEE them! So many are dark at night, including Heritage Plaza (with the pyramid on top) and Bank of America with the three tiers. . . light ’em up!

  • Now I hope they re-light the lantern at the top of Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza. For a while it was solid red and then multi-colored. Now it’s pretty much just dark.

  • We called it the Madonna Building back in college, long ago when that meant something.

  • I hate to sound like a socialist but we get to hear about the LED project (costing thousands?) but no word on any extra funds for charity care by the Texas Children overlords.
    Less palaces to modern medicine, more helping real people. “I want to be treated for my medical care at a giant syringe with LED lighting” said no one ever.