Under the Raised Roof Ridge of a Renovated Spring Branch Woods Ranch

Everything above the roof ridge of this 1959 ranch-style residence in Spring Branch Woods forms a massive, single room across the back of the home. Listed last weekend at $443,000, the biggest-on-its-block property is located in Spring Branch Woods, just west of Bunker Hill Rd. The tree-lined stretch of Westview Dr. street has mostly smaller, 1-story suburban homes from the mid-fifties, including one across the street with the proverbial white picket fence.

Since 1984, this home-with-pool has changed hands seven times, HCAD records show. And it’s been remodeled a time or two. A roof-raising addition in 2000 made way for the aptly named “Great Room,” a 26-ft.-by-19-ft window-display showcase:


Skylights, octagonal windows, a clerestory, French doors, and plate-glass windows illuminate the room, which has tile floors, a fieldstone fireplace, and a wood-with-iron banister. Now painted, the 2-car garage’s once-exterior back wall helps support a 10-ft.-by-17-ft. loft atop the staircase, thus earning the home its rank as a 1-and-1/2-story property:

The kitchen, which lies behind some of the Great Room’s French doors, has new cabinetry, granite counters, and a pot-filler faucet above the 5-burner gas range. For dining, there’s a breakfast bar extending the full length of the countertop and a breakfast nook:

This more formal dining room is also open to the kitchen and Great Room, though it can be closed off from the latter:

All 4 of the 2,900-sq.-ft. home’s bedrooms have hardwood floors. The master bedroom suite includes a large walk-in closet and a sliding glass door to the pool:

The remodeled master bathroom has double sinks and a whirlpool tub below the shower head:

The other bedrooms share the home’s second full bath, also remodeled:

The lot, measuring 8,400 sq. ft., has one large oak at curbside and another shading the southern-facing back of the home and its poolside patio:

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  • I abhor the current practice of realtors using fisheye lenses to capture images. It completely distorts the sense of size and scale of each and every room. This set of images is possibly the worst offender that I’ve seen.

  • The Great Room looks like a Holidome. I expected to see lots of excited kids on their way to pee in the pool.

  • That toilet in the master bath would make an interesting (and difficult) target, don’t you think?

  • I looked at a home recently which had a raised roof like this. The engineering was not done correctly and vertical paneling in a first-floor room clearly showed that the house had been bent by the extra load.

    The extensive mold throughout wasn’t helping either.

  • Does anyone see them getting anywhere close to this dollar amount for this house? It fronts a major thoroughfare, is zoned to the wrong spring branch schools and the remodel is “ok” at best. 350k if it doesn’t stagnate on the market, 300k if it does.

  • Enough with the yellow rooms.I like yellow: in ONE room. What is with home owners painting too many rooms fricking yellow? And the 1980’s want the added on room back,especially the saltillo tile floors.PaulP: I agree 100% with your comment re: the fish eye lens photos. They purposely distort the rooms dimensions to make them appear larger/longer/bigger than they really are. It pleases the home owner who is talked into doing it by the realtor,who only cares about getting the sale.And if they say otherwise,remember: they’re sales people and work on commission.Nothing wrong with that,it’s just the b.s. psychology they use to yank the home owner around. The other photo trickery I despise is too much Photoshop,especially over tinting the exterior shots(examples: too pink sunsets,weirdly acid green lawns /pools that are too blue,etc. Realtors: lay off the fricking Photoshop. It looks fake & crappy and buyers KNOW it and are turned off. They think: if the photos are doctored what else is doctored in/on the house? And viola: you have lost a potential sale!! And lest you think I don’t like salespeople: my grandfather was a VERY successful salesman and I used to be in sales.

  • I liked the kitchen renovation, and also the great room which has so much light.

  • Price dropped to $399k in November, then removed and relisted in February… Pending Continue to Show, today.