Venue-Appropriate Stucco Repair

Circuit City, 4500 San Felipe St., Uptown, Houston

Walking from their car to the front door of the Circuit City on San Felipe, Bunny Bungalow resident Annie Sitton and her husband notice a crack in the stucco covering a pilaster at the front of the building. Looking closer, they notice that . . .


Parking Lot, Circuit City, 4500 San Felipe St., Uptown, Houston

The crack has been “repaired” . . . with electrical tape!

Crack in Stucco and Electrical Tape Repair, Circuit City, 4500 San Felipe St., Uptown, Houston

And then it’s as if an entire universe of knock-knock-joke equivalents has opened up:

The irony makes us giddy. We play the game of “what if…” as we shop: “What if this were a grocery store; what would they have used to repair the crack? Frozen pie dough;” “A dental clinic? The work would be perfect but the building owner would have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the repair;” and so on.

Close-Up of Crack in Stucco and Electrical Tape Repair, Circuit City, 4500 San Felipe St., Uptown, Houston

Photos: Annie Sitton

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  • Very symbolic of the fractured business that is Circuit City nowadays. Best thing this store could do is meet a wrecking ball. I’ve been in here a few times and each time my experience is summed up by the following: Enter smelly store, search through cluttered Xbox 360 games that have no sense of order, can’t find title advertised in paper, search for employee, no employees around, find employee in another dept and interrupt their conversation with other employee about their social life, eventually confirm they don’t carry the game they advertise in the paper, walk away convincing myself I will never step foot inside a CC again. Admittedly I have repeated this process a few times, but classical conditioning has set in for good and now I refuse to go anywhere near this place.

  • I only go to Circuit city to visually inspect electronics I’m interested in buying. Same thing with Fry’s, Best Buy, etc….

    If I’m happy with what I see, I’ll buy it online for much cheaper.

    People like me are part of their problem.

  • If the crack doesn’t spread any further you all will feel pretty silly.

  • Cicuit City seriously suffers from leadership problems. Two years ago they fired the long term experienced sales staff and replaced them with minimum wage kids.

    I’ve yet to ever have a good experience in one. They can’t give themselves away….They have been for sale forever with any serious suitors running fast when they learn how bad the business is run.

  • Tex,

    Firing all the employees at $11 an/hour and then hiring new ones at $7 an/hour was a smart move. If they didn’t do it, they would already be out of business.

    The issue is “brick and mortar” stores don’t exist for the tech savvy individuals. They exist for shoppers who don’t know too much but are willing to spend money.

    When I go to any electronic store, I usually don’t expect service and typically want to be left alone. If I happen to come across a worker that know something (and they are there), I ask them some things that I know the answer to in order to gauge their knowledge.

    A little thing called the internet to eliminated the need for the high quality service personnel side of brick and mortar electronic stores.

  • Kjb:
    I couldn’t disagree more strongly about your ideas on staffing.

    BECAUSE of the internet the need for living breathing invested service has never been greater.

    If a customer seeks out a “brick and morter” store it’s becasue they need or want that one on one experience.

    Without that element of service there is no need to make a trip into a store. Not everyone needs or wants a self service environment.

    In todays retail market this will be the deciding factor of who makes it and who becomes a memory.

  • Oh my this is crazy! Repairing it in a proper way is really recommended to avoid future big problems.

  • You mean like if they were a kilt store they would use scotch tape?

  • Spec’s would use scotch tape.