Village Louver Loser: The Defiftification of Fu’s Garden

This drive-by pic of the former Fu’s Garden Restaurant space at the corner of Kirby and University shows what looks to be the exfoliation of some of the building’s 1950s-era accoutrements. The longtime Rice Village restaurant closed quietly several months ago: “They seem to be removing the vertical louvers from the second story and boarding over the windows,” notes the reader who sent in the photo.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • I Pitty Da Fu!!!

  • Fond memories of Fu’s. Ate there frequently when I worked for The Blood Center. It’s where I discovered a love for Hot n Sour soup.

  • Any story as to why Fu’s closed? I remember that location used to be a Mexican place before Fu’s took over in the mid 80’s.

  • it was hamburgers, felix’s was down the street across from la madeline

  • Ummmm… is that a real word?

  • I hope they put a SBarro in there next.

  • My guess is that they’re repurposing the space for retail. A note on the window says they lost their lease; if you look inside, it’s just a big empty shell now. You’d never know there was a kitchen.

  • Word in the neighborhood is Jos A Banks is moving in. Just what we need in The Village – another chain store.

  • Retail of the past: There used to be a scooter store in that space, before the spate of eating places.

  • Yeah, Fu’s Garden was good. But, yeah, we need another mid-level generic mens wear store more than we need a good, independent, longtime Chinese restaurant. /sarcasm

    Guess instead of driving to Jos. A. Bank on Gray (if they’re even still there) I can drive to Hunan Village instead. Or just go to the JAB in Pearland Town Center and get my homogeneity on.

  • NO! I like(d) that building…

  • Man. This is just like KKR buying academy. Money rules. Total poop.

  • Crap food @ Fu’s, service was lousy. Try bringing an Asian person there, they’ll puke. Good riddance.

  • Amen, Crude Lube. I don’t understand what people like about cheap, sweet, canned-tasting Chinese-American food. There are some really great Chinese restaurants in Houston but none that I know of near the Village.

  • I went to Fu’s one time and it was one time too much. The worst customer service I had ever ever seen and the food was horrible.

  • bb, barbiec1960, Agree 100%. The owners even passed it down to their children and it had no continuity. OK, proximity makes it the best Chinese in walking distance but if you want real, head down 59 to Bellaire/8; for more real, get on a plane. My last time dining there was in the middle of enjoying a hot soup; I don’t remember asking for a staple.

  • those louvered windows are not origonal to the building. i wonder when they went up and what else was in that space?