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  • b’wana bar-be-que many animals, much protein, horses next?

  • What is the joy in killing an elephant?

  • I imagine that the joy one would get from killing an elephant is somewhat similar to the joy one would get from killing a walrus. You would get two gorgeous pieces of ivory in which to make billiard balls, piano keys, and trinkets for the wife. You get sports, music, and a happy spouse. That is joy.

  • I think the seller impaled on an antler or tusk a la Vlad Tepes would be a nice touch.

  • Filling the bubble bath was a nice touch.

  • What, no Petitte Lap Giraffe head on your wall. Man up, dude.

  • Sorry, missed a ‘?’ in my last post.

  • The buck in the upper left foreground looks tasty.

    As does the cheetah above the doorway.

  • “minutes to Houston” – at least 60 I would say but who’s counting
    “gently rolling terrain” – how small a roll can you get away with calling rolling terrain. I would guess at around 6″ looking at these pictures.

  • The elephant reminds me: I flipped to a Discovery channel show on which someone was talking about the idiots who allegedly ate 10,000+ year old thawed-out mammoth and said it tasted like “rotten meat” – ya think??

  • Looks like a leopard over the doorway too. It is just so sad that people with this kind of cash have nothing better to do than to go half way around the world to kill these beautiful animals.

  • Talk about tacky… They can take this house and stuff it!

  • I’ll bet if this place ever went up in flames it’d smell DELICIOUS.

  • I’d say it was a “lovely room of death” but it’s not that lovely.

  • I admire some taxidermy, am not against hunting per se, but feel quite sick seeing that elephant head.
    Elephants are so dignified, intelligent, socially-complex.
    This house should be burned down and then exorcised.
    The property’s cool, however. I and my entire extended family could live in the out-buildings there.

  • The utility business must be a very profitable business to be in!

  • UGH, I am so not into wild-game hunters. This could make me cry. Why would you murder an elephant?

  • REALTOR: “We need to stage this house. Please remove all personal photos and de-clutter the kitchen. Fill the bath with bubbles and be sure to hide your sex toys.And about the heads of all those dead animals hanging off your walls,toss an A&M cap on the antlers.We’ll be in escrow in 30 days”.



  • @Jessica, elephant hunting is very controlled these days, and generally limited to culling animals from herds that have grown too large for their range, or are a danger to humans through crop predation and such. The trophy fees are huge and provide employment for many local residents. The meat goes to feed locals. The animals would be killed in any case, so it’s better that some rich American pays a bunch of money to do it.

    Of course, the elephant could be an antique, shot decades ago.

  • And not only do the locals get meat but complimentary GoDaddy caps for the video.


  • currently the best way to preserve animal habitats is by making them profitable and opening them up to hunters, this is a capitalist society after all.

    i find it all rather boring, but i’m glad that there’s some folks that enjoy spending money in the outdoors and help provide revenue streams to places that are in dire need of some.

  • I would get much more satisfaction and joy out of killing someone who whould kill an elephant than killing the elephant myself.

  • When I was ready to buy a house in 2007, I told my realtor that I would not even look at a house that had animal trophies in it. There was no way that I was going to give my hard-earned money to people who enjoy killing animals. If I walked in and saw this room of death, I would run out the front door. Yuck.
    Of course, I also declined to purchase a house in Glenbrooke Valley because the seller’s realtor had a couple of political bumper stickers on his car that I vehemently disagreed with. Guess I’m too persnickity.

  • I’m sure they wouldn’t want to sell it to you anyway, texshan.

  • Better that the elephant be shot by a foreigner paying $20k in trophy fees than by 25 local Army soldiers with AK-47’s. The elephants are going to die in any case, it’s just a matter of who does it.

    And for those of you who abhor hunting, if you eat meat, you are merely putting a contract out on the cow, rather than doing the dirty work yourself.