We Shall Rebuild! The Great Downtown Galveston Hotel Flood of 2010

Disaster is no stranger to Galveston’s historic Tremont House hotel. Opened in 1839, the original building was destroyed by fire in 1865, but rebuilt 7 years later. That second building was ravaged by the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and eventually torn down in 1928. The latest incarnation of the Tremont House, which opened in 1985 in a dry-goods building at at 2300 Ship’s Mechanic Row that had been built 106 years earlier, flooded extensively during Hurricane Ike.

And now, just 7 months after reopening, the Tremont House has flooded again. The damage this time, however, came from an unruly and apparently intoxicated guest in town for a wedding, who — according to police — ripped a water pipe out of the wall:

The leaking water pipe caused extensive damage to three rooms, according to police statements. There also was damage to the hotel’s kitchen and employee cafeteria below, [Galveston police captain Jeff] Heyse said.

“Staff indicated the water was shut off but had already drained into freezers and other electronic equipment, which malfunctioned as a result,” Heyse said in a statement. “Numerous ceiling tiles, flooring and walls were affected by the water.”

Hotel staff estimated damage at $100,000, including “irreplaceable items,” but a police report didn’t list what those items were, Heyse said.

Photo of Tremont House Hotel, 2300 Ship’s Mechanic Row: Rasmus Lerdorf [license]

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  • The Tremont House issued the following statement on this incident:

    As reported by the Galveston Police Department, there was an unfortunate incident on Saturday at The Tremont House which resulted in some slight damage to the hotel. Although the hotel still has two guest rooms out of service, the general operation of the hotel has not been disrupted. The hotel is currently determining the final cost of damages but estimates are approximately $25K, significantly lower than initial estimates. The hotel is operating as usual and is taking reservations for the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration including its 26th Annual Mardi Gras Ball scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 13.

    The Tremont House, a Wyndham Grand Hotel, is owned by the George Mitchell family and part of Mitchell Historic Properties. For reservations, call (409) 763-0300, (800) WYNDHAM, or visit http://www.WyndhamTremontHouse.com.

  • As the SNL skit goes…”Reeeaaallly???”

    I mean I’ve been drunk before but never quite had the urge to rip plumbing fixtures from walls.