West U Home Stalker Reveals All

Wheat Residence, West University, Texas

Cote de Texas author Joni Webb comes clean about her obsession with a recently constructed home in West U.

. . . whenever I drove by the house, I would slow my car to a crawl, craning my neck to try to see inside the white stuccoed home that had so captured my imagination. Through their windows, I could make out some of their furnishings – first, there was a screen in the living room, and then I could see an oversized mirror. Next – I noticed the dining room’s antique light fixture which furthered my suspicions that this was a house I would love – inside and out. By the time the sheer, linen curtains were hung – the deal was sealed – I was an official stalker and somehow, I had to finagle my way into the home to see it first hand.

This must have been tough for Houston’s highest profile design blogger, because Webb is usually obsessed with French design, and the design in this particular home was clearly more . . . Belgian.

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Good things come to those who . . . er, wait: Eventually Webb’s sister-in-law’s sister, who lives nearby, mentions to Webb that she has a neighbor who reads Cote de Texas and wants to meet her.

. . . finally, after stalking these poor people and their house for over a year, they were actually going to invite me inside. I’m sure had they known of my obsession with their white stuccoed home, the invitation would have been rescinded.

And so this is how I came to be in Sally Wheat’s home: me – a total weirdo taking pictures of a stranger’s house. I can’t imagine what her husband thought when he came home and walked into the scene. Sally was delightful and claimed to be excited that I was going to put her in my blog; but truthfully, I’m not convinced she meant it. Her 7 year old daughter couldn’t have been more friendly, even offering to show me the toilets. As pathetic as it must sound, I was actually interested in seeing those, too.

As you might expect, there are many many many photos of the home in Webb’s post. Just a few of them below:

Interior of Wheat Residence, West University, Texas

Family Room, Wheat Residence, West University, Texas

Kitchen, Wheat Residence, West University Place, Texas

Guest Bedroom, Wheat Residence, West University Place, Texas

Back Patio, Wheat Residence, West University Place, Texas

Photos: Joni Webb

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  • Thanks Gus, as usual – your loyalty is amazing!!!!


  • I have always wondered about people that use marble as a countertop. Very soft. Everything in your kitchen, from the glass jar from the fridge, to a knife, to your plate will scratch it.

    But judging from the lack of the hood over the industrial gas range, I doubt this kitchen sees much cooking.