What We’re Talking About in Willis: Lake Conroe Sunset Catcher

Dusted off and back on the market with a new . . . uh, MLS number for the new year: This Rancho Escondido number from 1986 out there in Willis, putting in at the far side of Lake Conroe. We’ve tracked it back as far as last May and a $975,000 asking price; the 4,535-sq.-ft. home on a half acre is now down to $845,000. From the street the 4-bedroom, 3-1/2-bath home plays it quiet and Ranch-like, but once you’re inside the animal-skin prints and views open up:


In back: plenty of opportunities for monkey business: infinity-edge pool, hot tub, private boathouse, and a 140- foot shoreline that gazes off into the sunset. Plus: automatic subdivision gate, mosquito-resistant porch.

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  • That living room window is HUGE!

  • An American Tribute to Beige.

  • Wow, somebody must have really cleaned up at the studio sale after Dynasty was canceled. I guess Joan Collins didn’t want her sofas back.

  • This is the antithesis of the McMansion. It’s got all the amenities of luxury – lakeside location, boats, pools, etc. – without some amazingly showy Italian styled, stone-slathered front with the requisite raised entry and chandelier. It’s actual luxury rather than perceived luxury. Slap a coat of paint on it, put a boat and a float plane out back, and call it my dream retirement.

  • Luxury? Did you read the part about it being in Willis? Did you see the wall-to-wall white porcelain tiles?

  • Mel – of course. Because you can’t live well on a tiled kitchen floor. Nor can you repaint or refloor. And clean air is so unfashionably bumptious. What was I thinking?

  • Gotta agree with Sihaya – the anti-McMansion. This is a place built for the comfort and lifestyle of the owners. Great pool, dock, one story was probably a must, leather furniture is easy care and personally, I’d love to practice my masse’ shot while waiting for the coffee to drip.

  • How many zebras had to die…

  • Actually, Super, I suspect somebody clubbed a bunch of defenseless naugas for those hides.

  • Thank goodness there are plenty of folks that love to live on the lake, at the beach, in the mountains and on the plains.

    There’s not enough room inside the loop for everyone!!

  • Pye: *nod* different strokes for different fokes I guess. I’d take a 1200 SF condo in the Montrose area over this place. 2000SF, 3000SF, 4000SF… who cares if you’re in the middle of nowhere

    (Unless you want to be in the middle of nowhere, if that’s the case, cool… Just don’t understand it personally)
    I have a home in the Del Lago subdivision of Lake Conroe. Bought and fixed it up as not only an investment property but a place to go every so often. I ended up never going there and just renting it out. Now it’s being sold super cheap (as in mortgage less than a cheap 2bd apt). It just sits there (well, I keep renting it out since I don’t want it empty).
    Places out there just don’t move. Having a place like this, close to $1m, out there without knowing there is a ready market to buy it if I’d want to sell would scare the crap out of me.