What’s Brewing Near Cottage Grove

WHAT’S BREWING NEAR COTTAGE GROVE A new craft beer company named after the fine waters of Houston’s premier waterway signed a lease last month for a brewery somewhere near The Usual on Allen St., reports beer blogger Leslie Sprague. The Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company isn’t ready to announce the exact location, but founder and Harvard B-school grad Rassul Zarinfar lets Sprague say it’s “in the area south of I-10 between TC Jester and Shepherd.” [Lushtastic] Update, 6/22: Details on the actual location.

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  • I really hope it’s not in the old location of Crew Fitness, what a nightmare it is to park in and around that location.

  • Cottage Grove is north of I-10. Based on the coordinates provided, it will be in Westwood Grove.

  • Why the big secret? Does anybody really care where it’s going to be, or only that it IS going to be?

  • Another possible location is the building on TC Jester just south of the railroad tracks that used be the Shell Open Houston store and currently has a sign for a printing/embroidery business. This is the place where the washington wave used to park.

  • Why the big secret? Does anybody really care where it’s going to be, or only that it IS going to be?

    Considering my link shows exactly where its going to be, its not really a secret.

  • Maybe in Kraftsmen bakery’s original place?

  • @#3 Lost_In_Translation

    Right, I got it but the article says that Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co isn’t ready to announce the exact location……..

    You found the info, so I’m guessing that someone else could as well.

  • Wow, I’m impressed with the research!

    Yup, you found us. Our website is http://www.buffbrew.com and we’ll announce as much as we can about the project through our mailing list and facebook page.

    You’re totally right, the secrecy doesn’t make sense on first thought. Here’s the thing- brewery regulators at the city, county, state and federal license are so fickle that announcing the location now feels like counting our chickens before they’ve hatched.

    So we’ve got our fingers crossed that the city lets us move here, but until we get that piece of paper, we’re just holding our breath and hoping for the best.

    Can’t wait to have everyone over for a beer!

    (@L_I_T… Sneaky!)

  • Rassul — I live 2 or 3 houses away from your site. I welcome you to the neighborhood with open arms, but please don’t make my neighborhood smell (i.e. keep the quantities small). Good luck!

  • @Rassul you should check out the large warehouse in East Downtown on I-45 frontage near Dynamo stadium and UH. Address 2955 Gulf Fwy 77003.

  • @Neighbor
    Yeah, no kidding- have you been near the A-B brewery? Smelly! We brew with tasty flavors, so if anything it’ll smell like nutmeg a few months before christmas. and lemon w/ hibiscus a few months before summer. But yeah, we’re keeping it very small. And now you’ve got a place to grab a beer 2 houses down!

    @Shahin, thanks for the tip! We’re locked into this lease but if the regulators break up the party, I’ll check that out.

  • Bring it on!

  • Rassul – I also live just a few houses away from your site. Look forward to enjoying some great craft brews at the new ‘local’ brewery!

    Also appreciate adding some nice new aromas to the neighborhood and keeping it small!

  • Hope you guys kick butt…more brew the better!