What’s Gonna Go in That Big Hole on Holcombe Where IHOP Used To Be

“One of the construction workers told me that a self-storage place is going in here,” reports the Swamplot reader who sent in these photos of the “massive pile and hole” taking shape at 2412 W. Holcombe Blvd., on the northwest corner of the Morningside intersection, west of the Texas Medical Center. Look, flatlanders, before it’s gone: This is kinda what an actual hill looks like!


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • Opened this from twitter but I knew it was gonna be self-storage before I even saw the headline. ENOUGH!

  • Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. I guess that’s better than another drive-thru monetary storage facility.

  • I knew it couldn’t be good.

    Why not just do a bank/storage facility with a common lobby?

    At least a SF won’t foul up traffic too much.

  • Slightly better than a “Advanced Pay Day, Checks Cashed/Cambio De Cheques” business. Though, maybe they’re saving that for Phase II.

  • That mound ain’t nothin’ compared to the one they have piled up over the Dunlavy HEB site.


  • KT-


    You got that right.
    Since I live a few blocks away, now I have to worry over apocalyptic PHASE II ?