What’s Next Now That This Empty Macaroni Grill’s New Owner Has Secured Its Perimeter?

Pictured above is the first action this shuttered Macaroni Grill by the Galleria has seen since changing hands last October: the erection of new green fencing around its empty stone and stucco building. Its new-ish owner is Hillstone Hospitality, the group behind the Houston’s restaurant chain as well as several other single-location eateries across the country.

Hillstone has been in the neighborhood even before getting its hands on the empty restaurant, however; the nearest Houston’s is just west on the corner of Fountain View Dr.:


That location is a lease, as is the one other Houston Houston’s location on Kirby just south of 59.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (Macaroni Grill); Chris W. (Houston’s)

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  • Great to hear. Hopefully this is a third Hillstone concept and nothing is happening to the other two we already have…

  • I’ve never really figured out Hillstone. They have two locations in Houston (down from 3) that look to me to be cash cows that are always full, but they don’t reinvest in them much or try to develop their brand locally. I guess they take the Houston market for granted. They barely ever update the menus and don’t open new locations … meanwhile, their many locations in other cities are more fresh and up-to-date.

    I’ve been eating there since the mid 80s, and I’m embarrassed to think about how much money I’ve shoveled their way. The food has become boring, but I still enjoy the cave-like atmosphere and the quality of the staff.

  • I was told my a guy that worked for Hillstone that they don’t like to have more than one of the same concept in any given city (avoiding the “chain” stigma). That’s why they changed the Kirby location to “Hillstone” for a brief period of time before realizing that was a stupid idea in the city of Houston. I think a lot of people assume they originated here, but that isn’t the case.

    I’ve been to Bandera before, which is a cool concept. I wouldn’t be surprised it that’s what this one ends up becoming.

  • I’d bet more on an R+D Kitchen; there’s one in Dallas. When I went to the one in Santa Monica the food was quite good. Well above what you get at Houston’s.