White Oak Music Hall Truce: Rebuild Temporary Stage Temporarily, Go Permanent in February

WHITE OAK MUSIC HALL TRUCE: REBUILD TEMPORARY STAGE TEMPORARILY, GO PERMANENT IN FEBRUARY Rendering of White Oak Music Hall, 2915 N. Main, Houston, 77009The city and the developers of White Oak Music Hall have hammered out an agreement over the outdoor stage situation, reports Erin Mulvaney: the temporary stage can come back up for the shows that have already been booked, and stay up through February. Then the freshly-permitted permanent stage will start going up — and a bunch of other conditions will have to be met, as detailed in a letter from the city to W2 partner Will Garwood on Wednesday. On the list: the construction of “38 bathrooms and 9 lavatories” (also permanent), and the use of a sound monitor at all outdoor events, which (other than next Wednesday’s planned outdoor Pet Shop Boys concert) will have to be on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Rendering of original outdoor stage plans: White Oak Music Hall

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  • Nothing to say. Just can’t believe there are no comments.

  • yeah I was wondering the same thing. Well here’s one: This so called “truce” is a joke, and basically allows the WOMH d-bags to continue with abusing the neighborhood. If the City of Houston wants to do the right thing, they will not allow an outdoor stage to be built, period. That’s right, no outdoor stages. White Oak Music Hall should be restricted to being an indoor venue only.

  • @ UG

    I’ve been wondering the same thing since the start of the “controversy.” What were the owners trying to skirt around basically. They knew they were building in a residential area from the start and from the looks of it most high billing acts stay inside. They’ve managed to transfer the outdoor shows scheduled for now to other venues. I’m guessing it was cheapest to build here?