Why There Isn’t More Street Food in Houston

Sure, Houston has about 1,000 licensed mobile food vendors. (Yes, most of them are taco trucks.) Why aren’t there more? Ruthie Johnson explains a few of the regulations — and other roadblocks:

Most of the standards are a welcome way to ensure food safety, but some are annoying — or downright ironic. Street vendors, for example, must be at least 100 feet from any seating area, yet must have notarized proof of a usable restroom within 500 feet. The tiniest of carts must have a massive vent hood. And vendors are never allowed to be on a sidewalk. Jason Jones of Haute Texan Tacos says that actually “the biggest problem is that there aren’t really any decent pedestrian areas for street vendors in Houston.” Jones, who recently put his truck up for sale, goes on to explain that a fire code which prevents propane-powered businesses from selling anywhere downtown or in the Medical Center takes away a street vendor’s two largest pedestrian areas.

Other obstacles? Powerful restaurateurs don’t want the competition from street vendors, consumers don’t appreciate them, and city officials make it difficult to get questions answered and inspections scheduled. Sean Carroll of Melange Creperie says that “Anyone looking to start a mobile food service business in Houston should expect to be on the sidelines for six months at the very least.

Photo of taco trailer, for sale: Haute Texan Tacos

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  • Sorry, but considering how many Houston restaurants have subpar cleanliness, I sure don’t trust a roach coach. I know, there are always exceptions.

  • It is a true shame about the info. on not using propane in those areas. Austin, TX has a rockin’ food truck culture. Some of the best food I’ve had came from a food truck. I wish Houstonians would wake up and enjoy their city more and support locals and their trucks.

  • I have a question; if I want to have a mobile food unit (trailer type, not truck) that sells juices and does not require a stove would it get the same restrictions? The trailer would only need water, a fridge and blenders. And, does anyone have any idea how much a trailer of that type would cost?
    Thank you

  • Montrose seems to be a great, and overlooked area for Food Trucks.

  • There’s actually a company that organizes several trucks to come to your event. They handle all the city paperwork. Haven’t used them yet but found their site while looking for a employee appreciation day. http://www.foodtruckstreet.com/

  • Gerry-
    Did anyone ever answer your question? I would like to know what you found out? I had the very same question…

  • The ban is a propane ban on food trucks or anything else for that matter being downtown or med center. If you don’t use propane you can go downtown