Comment of the Day: The “Trickle-Down” Theory of Houston Redevelopment

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE “TRICKLE-DOWN” THEORY OF HOUSTON REDEVELOPMENT “. . . Historic Districts suck and deed restriction, too. They pit neighbor against neighbor, creating the distraction that will keep residents from organizing across the city and taking aim at the real predators. Meanwhile, the money behind the bulldozers is laughing till they pee their pants.” [finness, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Foundations of Wayne]

One Comment

  • Supposedly Old Sixth Ward is “predator proof” but then so far the predators haven’t really taken much interest in Old Sixth Ward. When they do, well, let’s see how they like it when someone pulls up to the historic home and attaches a chain and leaves with the front porch and how they like it when the city inspectors show up before HPD to condemn it and the bulldozers arrive before HPD leaves.

    As someone remarked before it came crashing down, if they will tear down the Shamrock, they will tear down anything they want. And so far, they have. And will continue to.

    “They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot…”