Will Clayton Parkway Bark and Park: IAH Hotel for Dogs?

A 16,000-sq.-ft. “pet resort” near Bush Intercontinental Airport appears at the top of Houston’s sold permit list yesterday — in the very same week that Dreamworks and Nickelodeon’s new Hotel for Dogs movie is set to open nationwide. Coincidence? Or evidence of a frighteningly sinister marketing plan?

And just what sort of pet amenities do the owners have in mind for the new Airport Pet Park planned for 7111 Will Clayton Parkway?

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  • This isn’t the first one out there.

    There is already another called Pet Paradise. The same group is building one near Hobby also.

    It’s a essentially a pet resort while the owners go away for a trip.

    I’m lucking I have friends that house sit which means take car of my dog too.

  • You scooped me kjb! I live near Hobby and am excited about the new kennel in the area – last time we boarded the girls we had to go all the way to Kemah to find a good kennel with availability. Growth industry, perhaps?
    Check out the bone shaped pool at pet paradise: http://www.petparadiseresort.com/pet_paradise_locations.php

  • Jessica,

    I was only able to scoop you because I did the floodplain analysis for the Hobby Location. And all our exhibits and the plan set had the little bone shaped pool on them.

    My job was to ensure the little doggies don’t drown in a flood. I’m glad to see it got built. There was a lot of issues in getting that particular site moving. It wasn’t an easy site to build on.

  • kjb – my doggies and I are glad that you and others involved in that project are working through those issues. I may have the only labrador that doesn’t like water, so he’s particularly grateful for the flood prevention.