Wilshire Village Apartments: Condemned?

Update, 4:30 pm: The West University Examiner‘s Michael Reed confirms the report:

The order from Senior Inspector Mike Thomas said “occupancy is dangerous to human life” and told those living there they were “directed by law to communicate in person or by phone immediately with the fire marshal.”

A semi-anonymous reader just leaned hard on the caps lock key to post this comment about the Wilshire Village Apartments across from the Fiesta at Dunlavy and W. Alabama:


Might want to take some blankets over there – looks like a lot of elderly people will be sleeping under bridges pretty soon! Does this mean the Houston Housing Authority will now get involved??

Are any Swamplot readers nearby? Wanna give us the scoop?

Photo: Jim Parsons, from GHPA’s Houston Deco

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  • I’m wondering if the people in this complex were families of a certain ethical background, then would the news channels be interested?

    Since it’s just some elderly and artist, i guess they don’t care.

    Remember the last condemnation of apartments? News crews were everywhere.

  • “Ethical background”? You mean if they were believers in Kant’s categorical imperative or Bentham’s utilitarianism, the news crews would be there with bells on?

  • The condemned notices just went up. They may be on the news tonight.

  • I’ll wait until the end of the weekend to see how the media would respond if any. We do know some read this blog.

    But nothing I said before isn’t something we already didn’t know about how many reporters operate.

    And I meant ethnic background.

  • @RWB, that was very funny.

  • Let R. Allen Stanford and his gang of thieves squat there, with those nice big ankle bracelets on.

  • Alliance Communities is an Apartment General Contractor and Developer. Our company has built mostly new construction multi-family apartments, but is currently looking for apartment renovation work. Does anyone know who the Owner of this project is so we may contact them about renovation?

    Thank you,

    Pauline Martin

  • RWB wins the thread.

  • Carter’s Grove Apartments (soon to be pricey condos) was front page because there were kids involved – this is just elderly & low-income. No news here!

    Funny how there has been a fire station on the corner of Dunlavy & Richmond for 30+ years, but the fire marshall never noticed Wilshire Village until yesterday….