Coming to Main St. in Midtown: Pizza and Burgers, Coffee Shop, Exposed Wallpaper

Midtown’s lone island of light-rail-lining nightlife will likely be expanding one block north, Jay Lee reports:

The folks who brought you The Continental Club, Sig’s Lagoon, Tacos-A-Go-Go and Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge are at it again. This time right next door @ 3600 Main.

The new owners of the long-vacant one-story building have discovered some Deco-ish detail underneath the more recent stucco.

If you squint just right and imagine it with some paint to bring out the original design you can just make out what a wonderful space this is going to be. There’s already plans for a coffee shop and a pizza/burger joint and if Pete [Gordon, manager of the Continental Club] has his way, a new club called “Wallpaper”…


Photos: Jay Lee

3 Comment

  • This is restoration and renovation I can get behind!

    People have been clamoring for more options along the rail line in midtown. Now they are going to get it.

  • This is GREAT news!! It will liven up the area. It’s been waiting for something like this.

    Very nice news to hear.

  • This is great! I’ve been looking at the empty building for years and I really hope these plans work out. It would be great to have more than one block of coolness along Main in Midtown.