Your Map to Lovin Canada, The Reservation, Happy Hollow, and Other Lost Houston Places

Houstonia’s John Nova Lomax, incessant chronicler of things-far-gone in the city, has put together a handy guide to the boundaries of a dozen-and-a-half retired Houston placenames, though a number of them (Astrodomain and Freedman’s Town, for example) aren’t so distant from regular use. But if you always wanted to know the way to Frenchtown, Chaneyville, or El Alacran — or the distance between Catfish Reef and Pearl Harbor — here’s your go-to map.

Map: John Nova Lomax

Local Extinctions

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  • Dont forget about Courtlandt Place

  • Sadly, most of the cute little apartment buildings that gave Sin Alley (aka Mid Lane) its name are gone, replaced by $700,000 townhomes and mid-rise apartments. Still a nice neighborhood, though. It doesn’t seem like it’s right next door to the Target and a stone’s throw from the West Loop.

  • They forgot the area called Death Valley 610 @ Stella Link the main street was Link Valley. In the last 80s it was the biggest drug haven in Texas people would drive 100+ miles plus to buy drugs from these run down atp complex. I live just over a mile from this location and we did not have any problem from the area it was confined to that area,_Houston

  • OK Mr. Lomax, don’t leave us hanging……will you tell us *how* some of these names came about? There are those that are easy to figure out but El Alacran, Vinegar Hill and especially Lovin Canada just have to have a fantastic back story.

  • Umm, Broadmoor is still called Broadmoor.
    There’s even a park in Broadmoor called “Broadmoor Park” it used to be called “Triangle Park” because it is shaped like a triangle.
    The sign that used to stand over by Austin High School that said “Broadmoor” came up missing a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean the neighborhood isn’t still called Broadmoor by its residents and anyone else referring to the neighborhood.