50-ish Bedroom Fixer Upper near Pearland Could Be Your Dream Whatever for $3.5 Million

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

If you missed out last time around, the 2-story, ambiguous-dozens-bedroom building at 2354 County Rd. 59 is back on the market as of this weekend after spending the winter in hibernation under contract. The property, tucked just 1 mile west of 288 at the edge of Pearland, made the rounds late last April for its current asking price of $3.5 million before an October relisting and a quick switchover to the “sale pending” category.

The newest listing calls the house 46-bedroom, but also holds the buyer responsible for counting. Mona Miller of RE/MAX told the Chronicle back in May that the structure has “probably more like 70″ bedrooms — because interior construction is incomplete, it’s hard to tell. The unfinished structure started going up in the early 2000’s, possibly intended for use as a medical rehab institution by its doctor owner, who instead built a slightly-smaller similarly-styled facility on the lot next door in 2003 (on the right, in the aerial photo below)


2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

Thanks to a lack of zoning laws in the area, however, the house can now become pretty much anything an imaginative buyer can dream up. Hotel? Office space? New cult headquarters? Go ahead and dream big: Miller also told the Chronicle that the property would probably have to be cleaned out down to shell and studs, anyway.

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

At present, the structure boasts 9 garages:

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

Plus a loading area:

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

A reception space (merely a suggestion) is partially finished:

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

Other areas are less polished:

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

The building also includes a large swimming pool (also just a suggestion):

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

There’s also an elevator, or the makings of one:

2354 County Rd. 59 , Manvel, TX 77578

Photos: HAR (listing photos), Google Earth (aerial)

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  • A great grow house for hydroponics!

  • Cult, I put my money on a Cult.

  • Great place for a plural family, you know, big, BIG love.

  • $3.5 million? In a word: No.

  • Man I sent this into the tipline like a year ago. Clearly this site is run by anti MrEction shills. I think it’s time the world see’s this place for what it is. ATTICA! ATTICA!

    Anyways my money is either on some sort of in patient rehab/psychiatric services or old folks home. Or a cult.

  • This again? It comes up every so often. Hard to believe it hasn’t been torn down and the land redeveloped. It’ll probably happen in the next few years. This was almost certainly planned as a super-discreet rehab facility, with plenty of garages to hide the Bentleys and Maybachs, and small or no windows in the bedrooms.

  • A new home for the Duggar’s?

  • About 3-4 years ago I went thru this place with a flakey guy that wanted to turn it into an old folks home.
    REALLY creepy

  • @marmer, it hasn’t been torn down yet because no one wants to pay $3.5 million for that plot of land.

  • Creepiest structure in the metro area.

  • Tax assessment $1.8 mil.

    Annual taxes: $43,193

    No back taxes. If this thing has been sitting there about 16 years that means about $691,000 in taxes have been paid (or forgiven). Based on location and condition, is it even worth that much?

  • Convenient no photograph was taken of the left side of the property. I resided down the street from there and that structure always looked bizarre. I always thought it was a psych ward or a future little prison. There are no windows what-so-ever on the whole left side of the house/building. It could be a good future shelter, psych-ward, rehabilitation, or as some said a nursing home. It wins for most sheltered in / creep factor award.