A $20 Billion Bath for Houston

Houston ranks 5th — below Long Island, Miami, Virginia Beach, New Orleans, and Tampa — in potential property damage from storm surges, according to an annual report from Corelogic. The company figures the resulting storm surge from a Category 5 Hurricane here would likely produce $20 billion in property loss — well behind Long Island’s $99 billion score. Can’t this city do a little better? We’ve got the high-hurricane-risk and low-lying-properties parts down cold. If we can just boost the property values a bit in those areas, we’ll be rolling with the high-stakes big boys next time.

The top at-risk area Zip Codes, according to the company’s report: 77573, 77554, 77059, 77571, 77062, 77566, 77586, 77539, 77546, and 77521. Locally, League City leads the way!

Image: Corelogic

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  • surprising, you wouldn’t think anyone would even notice if Tampa sunk

  • From this headline, I thought that Houston was going to get a VERY FANCY roman-style communal bath!
    Sea level rising is old news, man! My parents’ place in south FL has an elevation of 9′. It is not long for this world.

  • it seems odd to me we are below long island, but I guess based strictly on property values, it makes sense. I would bet in overall risk, we would rank right behind New Orleans. I wonder if this risk assessment only includes residential or if it also includes houston commercial property.

  • Yeah but what are the chances of a Cat 5 hitting Houston vs a Cat 5 hitting Long Island?