A ‘Bachelor Pad’ in Ayrshire Messes With the Market



The clipped front lawn of a 1950 home in Ayrshire might be its tidiest feature. “CURRENTLY A MESSY BACHELOR PAD BUT A QUICK REHAB WILL MAKE IT SHINE,” screams the description put up earlier this week. Asking price: $535,000. Is the warning meant to make viewers yell to themselves OH IT DOESN’T LOOK SO BAD? Or do the photos already portray the place in its best light?



The 1,840 sq.-ft. home sits on a 7,879-sq.-ft. lot with 70 ft. of frontage on a block west of Stella Link Rd. near McGovern Library and Mark Twain Elementary School. Carl Young Park is 2 blocks south of the home, which faces south.


The Braeswood Place home’s 3 bedrooms must have been too neat to appear in the listing photos. Two of the 3 full bathrooms, however, are on display with their arrays . . .



as are the appliances, and a plethora of home maintenance products:


The casual outdoor kitchen appears to have spillover flex space in the driveway:


Dude, Where’s My House?

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  • The sweet smell of Lemon Pledge and bongwater.

  • No matter how good or awful the pictures, this sucker’s got a date with demolition once it’s sold.

  • Ayrshire or Braeswood Place. Hence my comment yesterday regarding neighborhood names!

  • Agree it’s a gonner, but is that a tear down price? If so, I gotta sell mine!

  • It must be a hot market when you can have pictures like this in a listing, ask a half million for the house and still have it sell.

  • Sad but true, I think the vast majority of original homes in that neighborhood sold in the last few years have been torn and replaced with a mega (6K SQ +) houses. I travel that stretch of Stella Link almost daily and it reminds me of driving the stretch of Weslayan between Holcombe/Bellaire and Bissonnet in the late 80s/early 90s when houses were disappearing left and right.

  • Why would anyone pay that for a small, mundane 1950’s house? Are there gold bricks buried in the back yard?