A Better Fence for the Axis Apartments Site

A BETTER FENCE FOR THE AXIS APARTMENTS SITE Fence Surrounding Site of Axis Apartments, 2400 West Dallas St., North Montrose, HoustonThe construction fence surrounding the burned site of JLB Partners’ planned Axis Apartments at 2400 West Dallas St. in North Montrose is receiving an upgrade — from veiled chain link to wood plank. A reader who wonders if the property still qualifies as a construction site notes that the fence still blocks the sidewalk along W. Dallas. This photo shows the current intersection of the 2 fence types along Montrose Blvd. The apartments burned during construction last year. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Graffiti ‘artists’ – your canvas awaits.

  • a wooden fence seems to point to the opposite about this being re-built anytime soon as you’d think they’d stick with a rented chain link for construction phase. who knows about this kind of stuff, wooden fence mean building shelved for the near term period? perhaps already confirmed and i’m just out of the loop.

  • The irony of upgrading to wood.

  • Get off my sidewalk.

  • Who knows if the tract actually has caskets under it ( a la Poltergeist ) ; I’d doubly verify the Magnolia Cemetery Operating Association grave site records and research the ORIGINAL historic records to verify the original property lines . If I was JLB I’d get a ground penetrating radar map just to be sure. The College Park Historic Cemetery further West on W.Dallas-spooked potential outside developers – when the economy tanked Regent Square by GID Development (of Boston,MA) tried to bring in private developers to build the proposed 30 story high rise just East of the cemetery.

  • Is that a temporary construction fence, or will they keep it up even after the building is reconstructed? It looks very nice if it’s temporary. I wouldn’t mind that staying in place if it weren’t such a view blocker.