A Flag Circle Flies on the Katy Freeway

“I love burst mode on my Samsung S3,” writes the Swamplot reader who used it to capture these photos looking north from the Katy Freeway just west of Hwy. 6. “What’s the deal with the giant flagpoles?” More than 2 dozen of them are up now, arranged in a semicircle on I-10-facing property, immediately west of Sam’s Club adjacent to a building under construction. As of yesterday evening only 1 flag was up, flying at half-mast.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • they are not flagpoles – the place is going to be a driving range. the poles will house a net around them keeping golfballs from injuring customers in sam’s parking lot

  • It looks kind of like a multi-level driving range

  • It’s a golf driving range! Just like in Japan!

  • Poles are for the netting that will be installed to prevent balls from flying off of the property!

  • Those are the poles defining the field for the TopGolf facility that is under construction

  • I saw it this weekend as well. Looks to me like one of those fancy-dancy, double-decker golf driving ranges. The poles will eventually hold up the nets so balls don’t go flying onto the freeway.

    Which kind of reminds me of the SAT’s: “If a golf ball is heading east going 75mph towards a Nissan Armada heading west at 65 mph while the driver, Lindsay, is texting her BFF…”

  • Perhaps now the perennial McCarthyism of the rest of Houston towards its western suburbs will finally subside.

  • 12th Day Adventists…

  • it’s the netting for the fancy driving range/barstaurant concept under construction.


    best of luck to them.

  • If that’s the area between Sam’s and Memorial Brook Blvd, it’s Granite Park 10, owned my Moody National Companies.


    It’s dated and doesn’t do a lot to explain the flag poles.

  • Katied: Your theories interest me, tell me more.

  • Is the “I-10-facing property” afloat? Otherwise, that flag isn’t flying at half mast, it’s flying at half staff.

  • TopGolf is extremmly popular in Dallas. Given it’s location it will probably be packed by the energy coordior for HH daily once it opens.

  • Is this for a Driving range?


  • katied: Not to mention the Woodland’s tiresome Lysenkoism.

    (No, I have no idea what she’s talking about either.)

  • I was excited about this place until I saw there was no putt-putt course planned. Talk about a letdown.

  • You know… once one or two people chime in with knowledge of what these are, is it necessary for the next 112 people to do the same? I got it. It’s a g-damned driving range. But good job, everyone.

  • Texmex01 wins Swamplot today for having the most relevant and helpful answer.

  • #19, the comment moderation system makes it impossible to see that someone has already answered the question.

  • For sure a driving range.

  • Don’t let anyone kid you about this place being a driving range. That is nothing more than a cover story for a worldwide government program to trap UFOs. The bright lights and green expanse, dotted with little white balls is an attractant to UFOs. When they come in to land, they get caught up in the nets.

  • It’s an unpatriotic golf driving range.

  • Also, chemtrails. Probably communist ones.

  • I always know I’m getting close to Dallas when I see the golf nets from Old Brickyard Golf Club in Ferris…

  • Don’t listen to the posters above. I have the inside scoop.
    The US Olympic committee received an inside tip from the International Olympic Committee that pole dancing was going to be included as a medal sport in Rio 2016. As such, a site was needed to construct a world class training facility that would enable the US to continue its domination of sports that destroy the lives, bodies, and self esteem of suburban teens. After an exhaustive study was conducted that examined all major US metropolitan areas, it was determined that the west side of Houston would be the ideal location for this facility.

  • I know this is billed as Top Golf, restaurant and driving range. But the cost of I-10 frontage road and hwy 6 location? it cant make a profit.
    This is a landing zone for UFOs. The bright lights on I-10 from downtown make it lit like a runway, seen from outer space.
    The shape of the driving range will fit perfectly the aerodynamic shape of the ufos and along with the placement of the target areas will accommodate the landing pads on the alien ships.
    This is the eighth location all in the norther hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is always facing outer space…Duh
    The micro chip in the golf balls also transmit a high frequency signal into outer space upon impact and projecting into the driving range. Sort of a transmitted signal into outerspace calling the aliens home.