A Mini-House Among Many in Westway Courtyard Homes, for Less Than $90K


It’s one and done for this wee 1-story, 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom home with 1-bay garage in the Westway Courtyard Homes development of Spring Branch. (This single-minded 1979-built home did opt for twice the driveway, however.) Still, it’s the smallest home among double-decker neighbors. Arizona-style landscaping also sets the extensively “renewed” address apart from others in the community of 329 efficiently proportioned homes located north of Clay Rd. near Gessner Rd. This pint-sized property appeared on the market in late November and has a $81,105 asking price.



Is it cozy or cramped? Even at 844 sq. ft., the home’s layout has opted for rooms, not an open plan. To change up the box a bit, the living room has a half-vaulted ceiling that intersects a wood-paneled wall set on a diagonal and housing the fireplace:


The door pictured below leads to the garage, also home to the utility area:


A service window helps throw some light into the galley kitchen:


Cabinets and appliances line up on either side of the runway between counters:



Shorter chefs will get a view across the front room and out the windows:


The listing mentions several updates: plumbing, interior paint, air and heating systems, laminate wide-plank flooring, roof, and garage door. And energy-efficient windows, as the still-stickered sliding glass door displays in the dining room — or is it the breakfast nook?


Here’s the bedroom, its windows taking cover in corners of one wall:



The only bathroom has two rooms:



The bi-level patio tucked into the 2,275-sq.-ft. lot isn’t much larger than the access to it.  Pavers indicate the narrow setback between homes:




The slight jog in the front elevation makes a little room for a small garden beneath a pergola:


The back yard’s current crop is more a pebble garden:



There’s more room to work up an outdoor workout in the community’s shared commons (with a jogging trail, open areas, tennis courts, and a pool), which is 2 only-slightly-larger homes away.

Single Stylin’

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  • I think this house is adorable. It’s completely out of place, though, and I’m not a huge fan of the lack of windows in the bedroom (or maybe there is one hiding behind the curtain?). The offset fireplace is a bit weird, too.
    Color me in the minority, but I enjoy smaller spaces and defined rooms. (This is about the same size of my current home if I didn’t have a 2nd BR.) SO over this open concept thing.
    I’m a bit surprised that some of the finishings remain given the considerable renovations they made to this home.

    This would be a perfect place for a renter who doesn’t like mega complexes or lousy landlords. Or a single person who wants a small starter home.

  • Needs more windows, but I love it anyway. I wish there was some financial incentive for developers to allow a few weird little (or big) houses in every neighborhood.

  • I gather the garage is unused…………..

  • I wish there were more houses in the 800-1000 sf range all over town. If this house were in a different area (read: inside 610- yes, I’m “one of those”), I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.
    I hate that my only choices for modestly sized housing are “luxury” apartment complexes, where I’ll pay way way too much rent for the “luxury” of being able to hear my neighbors through paper-thin construction.
    For now, I’ll dream of going in “halfsies” with someone who owns a standard size lot, and who will let me build a lane house (like the ones in the link) in their back yard.

  • @Jen – I’m with you. When I bought my home a year ago, there were numerous properties inside the loop that were under 1100 sq ft, but it seems like they are becoming increasingly rarer since many developers/investors are either gutting them or expanding them to house a family of 4.

    Speaking of unusual properties, I loved this one that I saw on HAR months ago:

    It’s one of those unusual strange properties that I wish Houston had more of.

  • Charlene! Your selling your house?

  • YOU’RE!!!

  • I also wish there were more properties of this size around. In this house more windows would be good. Also, I don’t really like that fireplace wall, I would really want to see the front door. Anyway, I hope it does not get torn down.

  • @coconutbutter I’ve had my eye on this house for a while (it’s been for sale for over a year, “pending” for the last several months): http://search.har.com/engine/1312-Northwood-Houston-TX-77009_HAR91684287.htm

    It’s the perfect 1940s time capsule, is one of the rare remaining affordable houses in the area, and I would love to have it…if only it weren’t directly across the street from an apartment complex that shows up as a big nasty red-alert area on every crime stats map I’ve ever looked at.

  • @Jen – That’s near me! This house has been on the market for awhile now… A bit over a year actually. I drive by this all the time. Cavalcade is pretty busy, and it’s on the corner of Northwood and Cavalcade. If you’re interested, perhaps you can call the agent to see what’s going on? It’s been pending since August…
    As for the apartment complex, hmm… When I fostered a dog, I would take him for walks throughout Brooke Smith, and I walked by those apartments all the time. Some of it is a bit sketchy, but I didn’t feel threatened or endangered, but I totally understand your apprehension!
    Love the kitchen on this one; the mint green is wonderful (albeit an acquired taste)! I love retro kitchens.

  • It was built in 1979 and is nowhere near Cavalcade. You must be thinking of a similar house.

  • @msmsry, did you not read their conversation? They are talking about 1312 Northwood (in Brooke Smith)

  • @ Jen Mathis, you may want to check out a FSBO in the upper 1600 block of Northwood.