A Post Oak Parking Garage Solution to the Demand for Drive-In Theaters

A POST OAK PARKING GARAGE SOLUTION TO THE DEMAND FOR DRIVE-IN THEATERS The head of the company now bringing a movie theater to the top of the BLVD Place garage at Post Oak and San Felipe tells the Chronicle’s Ileana Najarro that he “hopes to offer a social experience for those nostalgic for drive-in theaters.” What better place to do it than in Houston, where people drive in and out of buildings all the time? The catch: you’ll have to get out of your car and amble up to the garage’s top floor above Whole Foods and other retail, where it might get noisy — especially with that bus lane construction happening now on Post Oak. But there’s a solution: wireless headphones for each audience member — which Rooftop Cinema Club’s head says will “replicate the intimate setting of one’s car,” just like the old days. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Whole Foods at 1700 Post Oak Blvd.: Dung L.

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  • I feel like the owners are confusing the strong showing for “special event” movie nights with the reality of showing them on a regular basis on top of a building/parking garage. I hope to be proven wrong, but it sounds very inhospitable, liquor or not!

  • Groan …. Roll the Eyes … People are always coming up with new way to lose other people’s money.

  • Shared wireless headphones are a good way to get lice. Just sayin’.

  • It sounds like a special event / monthly type thing.
    “social experience for those nostalgic for drive-in theaters” – this sounds like a vanishingly small population within Houston and the other cities they currently operate in and by no means the actual target market here (young families, etc.). I can’t imagine anyone nostalgic for drive-ins is thinking well me just go to uptown and drive straight into the heart of the beast to catch a quick flick.

  • Who wants to watch a movie sitting in smog and 100% humidity? No. No. No.

  • great pic of the store…feel like they were advertising it. where’s the photo about the article? why not do an low band FM frequency sound.

  • Just go to showboat our in hockley on 2920 ‍♂️ It’s an actual drive in theater

  • It’s getting *reel* on the Whole Foods parking lot.

  • Over/under is 9 months.

  • @Porchman……..That’s funny!

  • Mommmm . . . Daaaadddd, c’mon!!! It will be fun. Why do you guys have to do this whenever I try to take you anywhere? It will be fun to see a movie outside. Just go and have fun instead of picking it apart before you even try it. No. I do not want to go to Applebees and see Mission Impossible fifteen at the Edwards Marquee. I want to try that Izakaya restaurant without you guys spending the whole meal complaining about how small everything is. And can we please go get gelato after the movies without you guys going on and on about how you can’t tell the difference other than the price?

  • Back in dinosaur times, teen-agers went to drive-in movies to make out and families went to wear out the small kids so they’d fall asleep. Given the comments on heat, humidity, and potential head lice, I’ll pass.